Swedish Politicians Deny The Obvious.

Reader comment on: Sweden: Shambles in Asylum Heaven

Submitted by Jeff Page, Dec 13, 2015 12:25

Another good article by Ingrid Carlqvist highlighting the complete denial of the political class in Sweden. Why is Stefan Lovren still in power? Why haven't his silly policies and his stupid approach to a very real problem been challenged by others in his party or in the opposition parties? More 'refugees' entering Sweden and more on the way. Some 'refugees' actually living on the streets! Isn't that a clue? Or are Swedish politicians so thick that they need to be run down by a Volvo before they wake up! The number of so-called unescorted 'children' is an old trick that is still apparently still being used to good effect by some 'refugees'. They know the systems in most European countries and use it to pluck at the heartstrings of the gullible who believe any sob story. As the article mentions, Swedish people are worried about the direction of their country and rightly so, particularly when the PM and many other politicians don't appear to care a jot for their own people, and put the needs of 'refugees' first. Haven't they learnt anything from the rise in rape and other serious crimes committed by immigrants on indigenous people? This is a very serious situation, and perhaps the best thing for the Swedish people to do would be to ask for a vote of no confidence in the political class, which should be asked for right across the EU countries that allow all into their countries without proper checks as to who or what they are!

Not a single lesson has been learnt by the politicians when letting down their guards and allowing all and sundry to come into their countries, I seriously believe, that their need to do good whatever the outcome, has made them think about how saintly they look when taking their so obviously stupid decisions! They should instead be confined to a well protected institution and their homes should be an 8x8 padded cell for the rest of their lives! The word 'Crazy' is not enough to describe these silly politicians and there should be no need for any to be committed lawfully, they should be just locked away for the sake of their peoples future.

All over Europe the politicians are refusing to look after the needs and safety of their own and as a result the people will eventually pay a very high price for the treachery of their countries leaders. They need to grasp the nettle and realise that although many so called 'refugees' want a better life in a European country, and that initially they'll even speak their gratitude for the help, at the end of the day, all they want is for islam to be the one and only recognised 'religion' in the world. To achieve this end, they'll lie, cheat, rape, maim, and if necessary, kill all who oppose this goal. Good luck Sweden, you're going to need it!

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