Writings by Ingrid Carlqvist

Title Date
Sweden: The Silence of the Jews2016/08/16
Sweden: Summer Inferno of Sexual Assaults2016/08/13
Sweden: Increasing Violence by Asylum Seekers against Swedes2016/08/05
Sweden: Rampant Sexual Assaults Steam On2016/07/07
The Imam Celebrated by the Church of Sweden: "The Jews are Behind the Islamic State!"2016/06/29
Swedish Politicians: "Islam is Definitely Compatible with Democracy!"2016/06/08
Sweden: Is Islam Compatible with Democracy?2016/05/28
Islamists Infiltrate the Swedish Government2016/05/16
Sweden: Muslim Government Minister Sacked After Making Nazi Allegations2016/04/27
Sweden Facing Another Migrant Invasion?2016/04/21
Sweden: A Beggar on Every Corner2016/04/09
Sweden? Negative Image? What Could You Be Thinking?2016/03/26
Sweden: Sexual Assaults at Swimming Pools2016/03/07
Gay Rape, Masked Men and Sheep in Restaurants2016/02/27
Sweden: Death by Immigration2016/02/04
Sweden: The Downfall of Wallström?2016/01/24
Sweden's Afghan "Rapefugees"2016/01/20
Sweden's Walking Diplomatic Disaster2016/01/13
Sweden: "Have the Taliban Come to Town?"2016/01/09
Sweden: Rapes, Acquittals and Severed Heads2015/12/29
Sweden: Shambles in Asylum Heaven2015/12/13
Sweden's Muslim Christmas Show2015/11/26
Sweden: Rape Clinic for Men, Publicly Funded "Virginity Tests"2015/11/23
Sweden Descends into Anarchy2015/11/13
Sweden: Sex Change for Children2015/11/02
Sweden: It Is Considered Racism Only If the Victims Are Not White2015/10/27
Sweden: Haven for Mass-Murderers2015/10/21
Sweden Close to Collapse2015/10/17
Sweden: 'No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without a Gun'2015/10/03
Swedes' Homes May Be Confiscated to Accommodate Asylum Seekers2015/09/25
Swedish Imam to Muslims: "Do Not Befriend the Unbelievers"2015/08/28
The IKEA Murders: Sweden in Crisis2015/08/23
Sweden: The Defense that Disappeared2015/08/07
"Refugee Children" Invade Sweden2015/07/23
Swedish Jihadi: "Go There with a Bomb"2015/07/14
Sweden: "A Place to Islamize"2015/06/25
Sweden Surrenders to Saudi Arabia2015/04/09
Sweden's Foreign Minister Reviled as an Enemy of the Prophet2015/03/21
Sweden's Middle East Policy in Ruins2015/03/15
Sweden: Rape Capital of the West2015/02/14
Sweden Imports Jew-hatred2015/02/11
Sweden's New Approach to Jihadis: Jobs!2015/02/02
Denmark's "Open Door" and its Limitless Beneficiaries2015/01/22
Sweden: From "Humanitarian Superpower" to Failed State2015/01/16

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