Writings by Topic: Sweden

Title Author Date
Hamas in SwedenNima Gholam Ali Pour2023/06/28
How Sweden Became a Gangster's ParadisePeder Jensen2023/06/02
Violent Crime Rocks Sweden Ahead of ElectionsPeder Jensen2022/08/25
NATO Should NOT Pay Ransom to Turkey; Instead, Should Amend Rules to Expel ItBurak Bekdil2022/06/05
Turkey, Terrorists and NATOUzay Bulut2022/06/02
Why Erdoğan's NATO Blackmail Is SubversionBurak Bekdil2022/05/18
Sweden Would Strengthen the NATO AllianceLawrence A. Franklin2022/05/09
Russia Driving Sweden and Finland into the Arms of NATOJohn Richardson2022/02/14
Sweden, Gang Violence and a New Prime MinisterJohn Richardson2021/12/27
Self-Criticism: A Conversation with Göran AdamsonGrégoire Canlorbe2021/06/06
Sweden: The Violence Is "Extremely Serious"John Richardson2020/09/08
Confiscating Books in SwedenJohn Richardson2020/09/07
The Swedish "Model" for Battling the CoronavirusJohn Richardson2020/05/09
"F***ing Swede"John Richardson2020/04/04
Sweden: Culture of SilenceJohn Richardson2020/03/30
Sweden's Victimized ChildrenJohn Richardson2020/02/26
Sweden: Hijab is 'Look of the Year'John Richardson2020/02/01
Sweden and its Welfare State in CrisisNima Gholam Ali Pour2020/01/24
Sweden: Confronting RealityJohn Richardson2019/12/14
A Meaningful Milestone in Sweden?Bruce Bawer2019/11/26
Sweden: The Price of MigrationJohn Richardson2019/11/22
Sweden: What to Do About Gang Violence?John Richardson2019/10/29
Sweden: The Church that Spreads HateNima Gholam Ali Pour2019/10/20
Who's Afraid of Scandinavia's Crime Statistics?John Richardson2019/10/04
Swedes are FleeingJohn Richardson2019/10/02
Sweden Spinning out of ControlJohn Richardson2019/09/26
Will Denmark Become Like Sweden?John Richardson2019/09/10
Sweden: Whitewashing Its Anti-Semitism?Nima Gholam Ali Pour2019/08/08
"Sweden is at War"John Richardson2019/07/13
Sweden's Self-Inflicted MessJohn Richardson2019/06/01
Sweden: Still More MigrationJohn Richardson2019/03/09
Sweden Prosecuting Pensioners, Welcoming ISISJohn Richardson2019/02/16
Sweden: New Government, Old PoliciesJohn Richardson2019/01/22
Sweden's Parliamentary Election CrisisKent Ekeroth2018/12/05
Sweden: Women Raped, Authorities Too BusyJohn Richardson2018/11/28
Sweden: What 'Humanitarian Superpower'?John Richardson2018/11/17
Welcome to Sanctuary Sweden!John Richardson2018/09/28
Sweden: Anti-Immigration Party Becomes KingmakerSoeren Kern2018/09/18
Sweden: The Left Party's Ties to Terror GroupsTobias Petersson2018/09/04
Sweden's Government Funds Anti-SemitismNima Gholam Ali Pour2018/08/10
Sweden's Turbulent Election YearFjordman2018/07/24
The Relentless Radicalization of SwedenJohn Richardson2018/07/13
Sweden: "It's Fun to Build a Mosque"John Richardson2018/06/14
Sweden in Free FallJohn Richardson2018/05/16
Sweden's Increasingly Lawless Immigration Policy?Nima Gholam Ali Pour2018/04/25
Sweden's War on Free SpeechJohn Richardson2018/04/14
Why Are European Governments So Terrified of 'Fake News'?John Richardson2018/02/11
Feminism, Swedish StyleBruce Bawer2018/02/08
Young Afghans in SwedenBruce Bawer2018/01/20
Sweden: Not Everyone Can Say #MeTooNima Gholam Ali Pour2018/01/11
Firebombing Jewish Children in SwedenBruce Bawer2017/12/11
Homeless Swedes Out in the ColdBruce Bawer2017/12/07
Sweden's New Government CensorshipJohn Richardson2017/11/29
"Reforming" the Church of SwedenBruce Bawer2017/11/24
One Week in SwedenFjordman2017/11/12
Sweden: Land of Double StandardsJohn Richardson2017/10/07
Sweden: What You Won't See in This Book...Bruce Bawer2017/09/23
Scandinavia: Shift in Immigration DebateBruce Bawer2017/09/19
Sweden's New InstabilityNima Gholam Ali Pour2017/09/14
The Fake News Media of SwedenNima Gholam Ali Pour2017/08/30
Sweden: A Failed State?John Richardson2017/07/21
Sweden's Multicultural ApartheidNima Gholam Ali Pour2017/06/07
Sweden: A Qatari ProtectorateJohn Richardson2017/05/17
Canada: Sold to the Highest Foreign BidderShabnam Assadollahi2017/05/04
The Muslim Brotherhood Swoops into SwedenJohn Richardson2017/04/02
Europe: Combating Fake NewsFjordman2017/04/01
Europe: Laughing at the MessengerDouglas Murray2017/02/28
Sweden: Hate Speech Just for ImamsJohn Richardson2017/02/22
Welcome to Sweden, Eldorado for Migrants!Nima Gholam Ali Pour2017/02/18
Scandinavia: The West's Citadel of Anti-SemitismGiulio Meotti2017/02/17
Education in Sweden: "Then Things Got Interesting"Göran Adamson2016/12/29
Europe: Let's Self-destruct!John Richardson2016/11/25
Sweden: Who Do Christian Leaders Serve?Nima Gholam Ali Pour2016/09/13
Sweden: The Silence of the JewsIngrid Carlqvist2016/08/16
Sweden: Summer Inferno of Sexual AssaultsIngrid Carlqvist2016/08/13
Sweden: Increasing Violence by Asylum Seekers against SwedesIngrid Carlqvist2016/08/05
How Serious Is Sweden's Fight against Islamic Terrorism and Extremism?Nima Gholam Ali Pour2016/07/17
Sweden: Rampant Sexual Assaults Steam OnIngrid Carlqvist2016/07/07
The Imam Celebrated by the Church of Sweden: "The Jews are Behind the Islamic State!"Ingrid Carlqvist2016/06/29
Swedish Politicians: "Islam is Definitely Compatible with Democracy!"Ingrid Carlqvist2016/06/08
VIDEO: Sweden's Migrant Rape Epidemic2016/05/30
Sweden: Is Islam Compatible with Democracy?Ingrid Carlqvist2016/05/28
Sweden Choosing to Lose War against Middle East Antisemitism?Nima Gholam Ali Pour2016/05/27
Sweden's Holy War on Children's BooksJohn Richardson2016/05/21
Islamists Infiltrate the Swedish GovernmentIngrid Carlqvist2016/05/16
The Failure of the Swedish EstablishmentNima Gholam Ali Pour2016/05/06
Sweden: Muslim Government Minister Sacked After Making Nazi AllegationsIngrid Carlqvist2016/04/27
Sweden Facing Another Migrant Invasion?Ingrid Carlqvist2016/04/21
Sweden: A Beggar on Every CornerIngrid Carlqvist2016/04/09
Sweden? Negative Image? What Could You Be Thinking?Ingrid Carlqvist2016/03/26
Sweden's Palestinian LobbyistsNima Gholam Ali Pour2016/03/19
Sweden: Sexual Assaults at Swimming PoolsIngrid Carlqvist2016/03/07
Sweden's Migration IndustryNima Gholam Ali Pour2016/02/29
Gay Rape, Masked Men and Sheep in RestaurantsIngrid Carlqvist2016/02/27
Sweden: Death by ImmigrationIngrid Carlqvist2016/02/04
Sweden: A Church with No ConscienceNima Gholam Ali Pour2016/01/28
Sweden: The Downfall of Wallström?Ingrid Carlqvist2016/01/24
Sweden's Afghan "Rapefugees"Ingrid Carlqvist2016/01/20
Sweden's Walking Diplomatic DisasterIngrid Carlqvist2016/01/13
Sweden: "Have the Taliban Come to Town?"Ingrid Carlqvist2016/01/09
A Smorgasbord of Swedish Anti-SemitismNima Gholam Ali Pour2016/01/02
Sweden: Rapes, Acquittals and Severed HeadsIngrid Carlqvist2015/12/29
Sweden: Shambles in Asylum HeavenIngrid Carlqvist2015/12/13
Sweden's Muslim Christmas ShowIngrid Carlqvist2015/11/26
Sweden: Rape Clinic for Men, Publicly Funded "Virginity Tests"Ingrid Carlqvist2015/11/23
Sweden Descends into AnarchyIngrid Carlqvist2015/11/13
Sweden: Sex Change for ChildrenIngrid Carlqvist2015/11/02
Sweden: It Is Considered Racism Only If the Victims Are Not WhiteIngrid Carlqvist2015/10/27
Sweden: Haven for Mass-MurderersIngrid Carlqvist2015/10/21
Sweden Close to CollapseIngrid Carlqvist2015/10/17
Sweden: 'No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without a Gun'Ingrid Carlqvist2015/10/03
Swedes' Homes May Be Confiscated to Accommodate Asylum SeekersIngrid Carlqvist2015/09/25
Swedish Imam to Muslims: "Do Not Befriend the Unbelievers"Ingrid Carlqvist2015/08/28
The IKEA Murders: Sweden in CrisisIngrid Carlqvist2015/08/23
Sweden: The Defense that DisappearedIngrid Carlqvist2015/08/07
"Refugee Children" Invade SwedenIngrid Carlqvist2015/07/23
Swedish Jihadi: "Go There with a Bomb"Ingrid Carlqvist2015/07/14
Sweden's "Creative Destruction"Nima Gholam Ali Pour2015/07/08
Sweden: "A Place to Islamize"Ingrid Carlqvist2015/06/25
Sweden Surrenders to Saudi ArabiaIngrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard2015/04/09
Sweden's Foreign Minister Reviled as an Enemy of the ProphetIngrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard2015/03/21
Sweden's Middle East Policy in RuinsIngrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard2015/03/15
Sweden: Rape Capital of the WestIngrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard2015/02/14
Sweden Imports Jew-hatredIngrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard2015/02/11
Sweden's New Approach to Jihadis: Jobs!Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard2015/02/02
Sweden: From "Humanitarian Superpower" to Failed StateIngrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard2015/01/16
Sweden's Christmas Present: New Laws Curbing Free SpeechTimon Dias2014/12/22
Will Sweden Soon Reverse Recognition of Palestine as a State?Peter Martino2014/12/11
Britain, Sweden - and a State of Palestine?Denis MacEoin2014/10/10
Swedish Multiculturalism Goes AwrySoeren Kern2013/05/24
How Sickening Will Sweden Get?Douglas Murray2013/02/26
What Happened to Sweden?Michael Curtis2013/01/25
Honing Anti-Semitism in France and SwedenShoshana Bryen2012/10/19
Sweden: Mosque to Blast Prayer Calls from MinaretSoeren Kern2012/10/01
Sweden's New Anti-SemitesSoeren Kern2011/11/17
Swedish Jihad RevelationsRaymond Ibrahim2010/12/20
Sweden's Political LandscapeSoeren Kern2010/09/30
Anti-Semitism in SwedenFiamma Nirenstein2009/09/11
Swedish "Report" Harms Palestinians, JournalistsKhaled Abu Toameh2009/09/01
Swedish-funded Group Distorts International LawGerald M. Steinberg2009/08/26
Sweden's Refusal to Condemn Organ Libel is BogusAlan M. Dershowitz2009/08/25

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