They will never stop the way we think!

Reader comment on: To the UN and UNESCO: Don't Try to Fence Us In!

Submitted by Jeff Page, Jun 28, 2016 12:19

The UN and UNESCO can get stuffed! Who are they to tell us what to think and say? Where's the opposition to the hate spewed out of the mouths of Muslims that have taken the opportunity to live in safe countries free of war and famine and yet continually confine themselves to their 'communities' and are so very unwilling to fully integrate. Where's the monitoring within the Mosques and 'Faith Schools', the 'Community Centres'?
Virtually every country in the west that has 'communities' of Muslims have the very same problems with integration, it just isn't happening! Why? It's quite simple really, they use their so called 'religion' as an excuse to isolate themselves from normal society. They still live in the dark ages with their attitudes to women. Muslims have set up 'grooming gangs' in many towns and cities preying on young girls of around 11-12 years of age. They lie, cheat, dress weirdly and do as little work as possible! And yet we are supposed to tolerate those who refuse to tolerate others!! It's about time the politicians around the world realised that many people have had enough of Muslims. Why should we have to live under the threat of the next attack? The UN and UNESCO seem to be of the opinion that we should all turn the other cheek, but if we were to do that, the Muslims would still strike when we weren't looking!
Stuff the UN and UNESCO and definitely Stuff The Muslims!!

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