Writings by Amir Taheri  (View Biography)

Title Date
When Negotiation Is Impossible and War Is Unnecessary2019/09/22
Russia: Dreaming of a Return to the West2019/09/15
Moscow Divided Between Two Proverbs2019/09/08
Trump and the Deceiving of Mullahs2019/09/01
Biarritz Summit: Bright Moment in Silly Season2019/08/25
Could this Be the Year of Persian Poetry?2019/08/18
Putin and the Mullahs2019/08/11
Iran: Flogging a Dead Donkey Is Futile2019/08/04
How Tehran Tries to Drown the Fish2019/07/28
An English Misunderstanding of Iran2019/07/26
Iran's Trojan Army Faces Challenge in Iraq2019/07/21
Erdogan and the Wisdom of Timely Exit2019/07/14
Trump's Iran Sanctions Face Seven Fallacies2019/07/07
The 'Cat-And-Mouse' World of the Ayatollah2019/06/30
The Death of Iran's Japanese Dream2019/06/23
Diplomatic Gesticulations Won't Solve the Iran Problem2019/06/16
Iran and the American Forbidden Fruit2019/06/09
The Books He Loved but Others Shouldn't Read2019/06/04
What Is Bernie Sanders Worried About?2019/06/02
Iran's Options and the Destructive Defiance2019/05/26
Tehran Apologists Should Change Their Tune2019/05/19
Europe's Three Concerns About Iran2019/05/12
Iran and a Tale of Two Losers2019/05/05
From Khartoum to Tehran: Graveyard of Forlorn Hopes2019/04/28
When the Ayatollah Plays His Joker2019/04/21
Iran: The Ventriloquist Dummy's New Lexicon2019/04/14
The Floods, the Mullahs and the Cinderella in Boots2019/04/07
Brexit's Message to European Union2019/03/31
Mullahs and the English Opium-Eater2019/03/24
Common Causes of Three Crises in Three Continents2019/03/17
Mullahs Pushed Off the Gravy Train2019/03/10
Putin to Join the Mullahs' Deception Club2019/02/24
Mullahs Masquerading as Patriots: Will it Work?2019/02/17
Syria: French Count Returns as Russian Apparatchik2019/02/10
Why Tehran Crosses Only 'Pink Lines'2019/02/03
Trump: In Third Year with Three Charges2019/01/27
France: I Am Angry, Therefore I Am2019/01/20
Trump and a World Without Gary Cooper2019/01/13
Iran's Schizophrenia Heats Up the Debate2019/01/06
The Growing Poverty of Political Debate2018/12/30
Why Trump Can't Be Airbrushed Out of the Picture2018/12/23
Iran: Toward a Plan B2018/12/19
The Canary in the French Mine2018/12/16
In Iran: The Past is a Foreign Country2018/07/30
Iran: Khamenei's New Poem - Pure Wine and Deadly Poison2018/07/25
Donald Trump and the Carl Schmitt Spectrum2018/07/22
Why Khamenei Can't Do a Kim Jong-Un2018/07/15
Iran: The Ayatollah's Promised Paradise2018/07/08
Why Turkey Will Not Be Another Iran2018/07/02
The Bazaaris' Revolt in Iran: Who is Behind It?2018/07/01
How Tehran Lobbyists Mislead Opinion in the West2018/06/28
Iraq: The Banker, the Mullah, the Militia and the Cook2018/06/24
The Turkish Race2018/06/17
Putin and Lessons from Lenin and Gromyko2018/06/10
The Mullahs and the Tale of a Betrayal2018/06/03
Tehran Divided on Pompeo's Wish-List2018/05/28
Imaginary War Serving False Peace2018/05/27
Hitler and Reza Shah: Mullahs and Pro-Israel Writers Sing Together2018/05/22
Iraqi Election Opens New Chapter2018/05/20
Iraq Election: Weak Government, Strong Society2018/05/11
Iran, Macromel and the Purloined Letter2018/05/06
Lessons of the Afgantsy for the Syrians2018/04/29
Syria: The Defining Issue of Our Generation2018/04/22
Europe, Trump and the Iran Deal2018/04/15
Syria: The Putin-Erdogan Summit Was a Missed Opportunity2018/04/08
Trump and the Fading Ghost of an Illusion2018/04/01
The Real Cost of Afrin2018/03/25
The Boy From Petersburg Who Became The Man From Moscow2018/03/18
Iran: The French Soufflé Fails to Rise2018/03/11
Trump the Deal-maker and the Middle East2018/03/04
Iraq: An Election of Conflicting Interests2018/02/25
Syria: Looking for Ways out of the Maze2018/02/18
Iran: Speaking Swedish, Acting North Korean2018/02/11
Trump, the Ayatollah and the Wizard of Oz2018/02/04
Turkey: No Longer a Friend but Not a Foe2018/01/28
Iran Nuclear Problem Must Be Re-Visited2018/01/20
Iran: Anatomy of a National Revolt2018/01/15
Behind the Latest Protests in Iran2018/01/07
The Year of The Rohingya2017/12/31
Corruption: Mideast's Political Gangrene2017/12/24
Where Russian and Iranian Aircraft Carriers Clash2017/12/17
The Mullahs Overplay the Military Card2017/12/10
Progress and History in Zigzag2017/12/03
Lebanon: Is Cheat-and-Retreat Back on the Menu?2017/11/26
The Usual Suspects and a New Method2017/11/19
How Iran Tried to Turn Arab States into Fading Ghosts2017/11/12
Iran and 'The Great Satan': A Four-Decade-Old Saga2017/11/05
China Unveils Leadership Ambition2017/10/29
The Iran Deal: The Dog's Dinner Obama Dished Out2017/10/22
China: Reshuffling the Party Cadres2017/10/15
Kurdish Secession and Mysteries of Identity2017/10/08
Kurdish Referendum: What is the Lowdown?2017/10/01
The Kurdish Referendum Imbroglio2017/09/24
Why Iran's Plan in Syria Will Fail2017/09/17
North Korea: The Kims' Cheat and Retreat Game2017/09/10
Syria: Elections Gambit to Get Russia Off the Hook2017/09/06
Khomeini or Kim? Khamenei's Real Teacher2017/09/03
A Grim Portrayal of Syria at War2017/09/03
Puffing the Turkish Chibouk in Ankara2017/08/27
Kissinger's Analysis of Mideast is Full of Loopholes2017/08/20
While Trump Tweets, the 'Cold Monster' Returns2017/08/13
Britain, Brexit and the Spirit of Dunkirk2017/08/06
Tehran's New Scheme for Iraq2017/07/31
Russia Woos the World with New Plan on Syria2017/07/30
Trump Kicks the Iranian 'Can' Down the Road2017/07/23
The Modernization of Middle East is a Sight to See2017/07/16
After Mosul: Iraq Faces Three Challenges2017/07/11
Rouhani and Trump: Together against Iran's Men with Guns?2017/07/09
Tsar Vladimir and His 40 Daughters2017/07/03
To the UN and UNESCO: Don't Try to Fence Us In!2016/06/28
Syria: Checkered Past, Uncertain Future2016/02/10
The United States and Islam: What Is Going On?2015/12/22
Iran: Poets Face 99 Lashes and Prison2015/11/09
Obama Will Be the Only Person Sticking to Iran Deal2015/10/12
The Ayatollah's Plan for Israel and Palestine2015/07/31
France, the West and the Islamist Challenge2015/04/07
Iran and Germany: A 100-Year Old Love Affair2014/07/31
What Palestinians Want2009/04/21
The 'Dark Horse' Enters the Race2009/03/25
Iran: Waiting for the "Fish-Tail" Report2009/02/25
Hamas in Context2009/01/26
Hamas in Context2009/01/14
Gaza: Regional Choices2009/01/13

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