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Reader comment on: To the UN and UNESCO: Don't Try to Fence Us In!

Submitted by Mike, Jun 29, 2016 00:15

The term Islamophobia may be misunderstood. A phobia means a needless or excessive fear of something. It does not imply hate as one may fear a teacher, a parent or a policeman but not hate them. The same person may actually respect or even love someone they fear. Also, it doesn't imply some one means harm to the person. Some things or people are feared for good reason such as fire, terrorists, murderers,bigots, fanatics or psychotics but that would not be a phobia as there is real, actual reason to fear them or it. Hate is different than a phobia as it implies a willingness to harm, punish, restrict or injure someone. Bigotry is also different than hate as it implies a needless and excessive dislike of some one or group without any basis or reason. It also usually has a sense of superiority over the subject of ones bias. Therefore, Islamophobia would only apply if there isn't some reasonable conditions or reasons from them to cause fear.

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