SPLC? Who Are You? Yet Another Nonentity!

Reader comment on: The New Anti-Racist Racists

Submitted by Jeff Page, Oct 28, 2016 05:59

Douglas Murray is always on the ball! SPLC morons are solely interested in maintaining their own lifestyles and salaries, and will dive down deep to do so. Even to treachery, lies, deceit, with the added dose of backward thinking.

It's amazing how such organisations are able to morph into what is suddenly the trendy topic and not even take a breath.

Those at the top are hypocrites who will rollover if the strategy of the current topic changes. Very much as a chameleon adapts to suit the surroundings, so the SPLC adapts in order to survive. I doubt whether any of their staff has had extra-marital relations or consumed a glass of Merlot, they are obviously too anally retentive to even contemplate such normal things!

Where does their income come from? Are they using donations, taxpayers money, media commissions, or do they consider them to be a charitable organisation?

Whatever and wherever they are funded from needs to look closely at what their current agenda appears to be. The head honcho and minions should be advised that their actions are treasonous and so should cease immediately, and any sources of income to their fighting fund needs to be stopped. There is enough censorship being imposed from government sources, to prevent any anti Muslim feelings. Maybe Saudi Arabia is behind them and supplying large amounts of cash to achieve their aim of Islamic domination worldwide. Just a thought!

In reality the SPLC is a nonentity that is grasping at straws in order to keep their own positions and agendas in the public arena. What we need is a Gladiator with the verbal skills of Douglas Murray to deliver the death blow to such an organistion as the now totally discredited SPLC! And soon!

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