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Title Date
Celebrating a Great Non-Event of 20192019/12/31
The New Smear Machine: Guilt by Association2019/05/30
The Increasingly Narrow, Parochial Prism of Journalism2019/05/06
Must We Really Be Careful What We Do Lest We Offend Extremists?2019/02/27
UK: A Defeat Dressed Up as a Victory2019/02/11
Lessons We Seem Unwilling to Learn2019/01/13
UK Welcomes Extremists, Bans Critics of Extremists2018/12/29
The EU's Dangerous New Confidence Game2018/11/20
Britain Welcomes Radicals - Again and Again2018/08/04
The Great British Foreign Office Fantasy2018/07/24
Rape Gangs: A Story Set in Leafy Oxfordshire2018/06/03
European Immigration: Nuns Out, Terrorists In2018/04/13
UK: Funding Textbooks That Teach Children to Blow Themselves Up2018/04/04
A 'Duty to Hate Britain'2018/03/27
The High Price of Denial2018/03/15
The 'Goodness' of Migrants: When Feelings Trump Facts2018/02/01
UK: Going about Our "Normal" Lives?2017/12/26
Europe's "Arab Street" Rises Up2017/12/20
President Trump: The Courage to Act2017/12/11
Name: "Sword of Allah"? Let Him In!2017/11/11
UK's Hateful Hate-Crime Hub2017/10/23
The Goal of Western Leaders: Avoid Change, Duck Accountability2017/10/06
Westerners: Guilty of Reading the News2017/09/27
Mass-Migration: The Tiniest Dose of Reality Hits2017/09/19
New NGO Racket: Smuggling, Inc.2017/09/02
UK: Still Welcoming Jihadis2017/08/11
UK Terrorism: 'Enough' is Not 'Enough'2017/07/26
Europe's Mass Migration: The Leaders vs. the Public2017/07/09
Censoring You to 'Protect' You2017/05/25
The Death of Facts2017/05/03
UK: War on Free Speech at the National Union of Students2017/04/19
Why Does the West Keep Colluding with Terrorists?2017/04/09
On Campus: Minority Priorities2017/04/04
When the Law Opposes the Truth Rather Than Protects It2017/03/27
Europe: Laughing at the Messenger2017/02/28
A Tale of Two Talks: Free Speech in the U.S.2017/02/14
The Muslim Council of Britain's Little Problem2017/02/10
Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize: Reverend Gavin Ashenden2017/01/25
Is Tolerance a One-Way Street?2017/01/16
European Immigration: Mainly Muslim, Mainly Male, Mainly Young2017/01/05
Britain's Little Lies2016/12/31
The Guilty Verdict Dutch Politicians Wanted So Much2016/12/10
UK: Two Systems of Justice2016/11/26
Europe's New Blasphemy Courts2016/11/04
The New Anti-Racist Racists2016/10/28
"First They Came for Asia Bibi"2016/10/21
The Right to Mock2016/10/10
UK: Clerics Who Threaten Reformers and Praise Murderers2016/08/22
Islamic Islamophobia: When Muslims Are Not Muslim Enough, What Does It Promise for the Rest of Us?2016/08/14
UK: A Tale of Two Inquiries2016/08/05
Jihadis: Who Are Their Targets?2016/07/27
The UK's Broken Labour Party2016/07/20
UK: Labour Pains2016/07/10
Britain: Labour Party Finds Itself Innocent!2016/07/04
The Political Blame Game: Pulling Tricks to Deny the Obvious2016/07/01
The EU is Coming to Close Down Your Free Speech2016/06/11
UK Labour Party Inquiry: Deny, Divert, Cover Up2016/05/30
Britain's Muddled Priorities?2016/05/14
UK: The Left's Little Antisemitism Problem2016/05/01
Britain? Moderates? How's That Again?2016/04/30
"Excuses" for Terrorists2016/03/30
Hmm, Where Could All This Hatred Be Coming From?2016/03/20
Iran's Cash for Murder: Why is the UK Silent?2016/03/10
Britain's New Mainstream Racists?2016/02/24
Facebook's War on Freedom of Speech2016/02/05
Germany Just Can't Get It Right2016/01/11
Dumb Idea of the Year Award2015/12/28
The Real Lesson of the Paris Attacks2015/11/30
Britain's New Racism2015/11/04
Academic Freedom Opposed by "Whom"?2015/10/30
The Secret Awfulness of Saudi Arabia2015/10/20
The "Islamic Inquisition" and the Blasphemy Police2015/10/13
UK: Mainstreaming Racism2015/09/29
Saudi Arabia: World's Human Rights Sewer2015/09/21
Canada: The Spanish Inquisition Makes a Comeback2015/09/15
Is the Migration Crisis Killing the European Dream?2015/09/04
The New Racists: Jew Hate2015/08/17
Will Britain Pass the Choudary Test?2015/08/12
Britain's Irreconcilable Policy on Islam2015/07/25
Iran Deal: The Great Bamboozle Festival2015/07/18
What Politicians Say vs. What People Can See2015/07/10
The Bigotry of Our Time2015/06/16
The Self-Appointeds: Who Put Them in Charge of Free Speech?2015/06/07
Child-Rape Crimes Covered Up2015/06/03
Getting Away with It: What Has Happened to Rule of Law?2015/05/19
The Cartoon Wars2015/05/07
Why Are These Christians Dying?2015/04/05
UK: Whatever Happened to that Muslim Brotherhood Review?2015/03/30
Hate Crimes: US Lynches the Facts2015/03/05
"Bravest Director": Finn Norgaard2015/02/25
Obama Makes Up Facts - Again2015/02/09
More On "No-Go Zones": Displacing What Is Disagreeable2015/02/06
We Are Charlie: Free Speech v. Self-Censorship2015/01/08
The Name that "Does Not Matter"2014/12/16
Britain's Unrequited Love2014/12/08
Baroness Warsi's Obsession2014/11/30
UK Votes Overwhelmingly for a Racist, Terrorist, Apartheid State2014/10/16
Free Speech: A Motorway Pile-Up of Moral Confusion2014/10/02
Slaying Ever Smaller Dragons2014/09/28
"Dangerous Laws"2014/09/03
Just a Bit More Beheading than We Are Used To2014/08/24
Are "Integrated Muslims" Integrated?2014/08/13
And Now... Europe's Kristallnacht2014/07/28
The Greatest Possible Problem for Europe2014/07/19
The Encouragers: Jihadists' Agents of Influence2014/07/02
Witness Intimidation: New London Mega-Mosque2014/06/16
How to Lose a War2014/05/29
Britain's Two Set of Books2014/05/14
Who are the Victims and Who Are the Victimizers?2014/04/23
Brandeis Backs Arsonists, Dumps Firefighter2014/04/11
UK: Our New Sharia Law2014/04/03
Blow People Up? What a Surprise!2014/02/19
Free Speech Wars: The Blasphemy Fashion Police2014/02/04
Middle East Peace Process: America's Wishful Thinkers2014/01/22
What the EU Does with Your Money2014/01/14
Anti-Fascists Caught Looking the Wrong Way?2013/12/23
UK: Charities for Terrorists2013/12/19
Do You Think The Wrong Thing?!2013/12/12
The Mucky Glory of a Free Press2013/11/29
Human Rights vs. Public Safety2013/11/18
Islamists Target Islamists2013/10/21
New Extremist Foxes Welcomed into U.S. Chicken Coop2013/10/10
Pretending the Problem Is Not There2013/10/01
Favorite "Key Issue" Fizzles Out2013/09/23
"Tired of War"2013/09/12
Pretenses the West Goes On Pretending2013/08/12
Hezbollah's Wonderful Wings2013/07/30
"Occupied Territories": What About Cyprus, Kashmir, Tibet?2013/07/23
Three Cheers for TAG [Together Against Grooming]2013/07/12
Abu Qatada and the New Standard of "Rights"2013/07/11
Lying and Getting Away With It2013/06/26
The Middle Eastern Hornets' Nest2013/06/12
"Debating" Beheading2013/06/06
The Fear of Causing Offense2013/05/28
The Interfaith Racket: Passport to Credibility2013/05/16
Guilty in Perpetuity: Where Does Western Self-Blame Stop?2013/05/02
The Honey-Trap of Moral Equivalence2013/04/24
Does Welfare Have Limits?2013/04/12
"Nuke Up Fast"2013/04/01
Muslim "Secret" Courageously Outed2013/03/29
Lord Ahmed: Disgrace to Britain2013/03/18
Who Are These Moralists?2013/03/11
How Sickening Will Sweden Get?2013/02/26
Blaming the Victim2013/02/18
Paying People to Hate You2013/02/07
Britain's Little Anti-Semitism Problem2013/01/28
European Court of Justice "Lacking Any Foundation in Law"2013/01/04
It's Official: Muslim Population of Britain Doubles2012/12/21
Palestinians: Abbas's Classic Thug Extortion Trick2012/12/03
The Era of Dictators Moves to the Era of Islamists2012/11/19
On Boycotting Israel2012/11/12
Where Would Hezbollah Be Without the EU?2012/11/08
Nobel Peace Prize Rewards The End of Democracy2012/10/23
Who Would You Fight For?2012/10/18
Is the Response to Totalitarianism More Totalitarianism?2012/10/08
What the US and Europe Encourage2012/09/28
The "Offense Against the Prophet" Wars2012/09/25
How Not to Frame an Election Narrative2012/09/13
Britain's Pet White-Supremicists2009/11/23
U.K.: Oxford University Sinks to New Lows2009/10/01
The Megrahi Affair: What UK Taxpayers Get for Their Money2009/09/02
Religious Hate, The New Statesman and Gracious Cattle2009/08/13
British Universities: Bought and Paid For2009/05/06

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