SPLC, self-appointed enforcer of Islamic blasphemy laws

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Submitted by Scott Rose, Oct 28, 2016 09:31

That the SPLC has made itself an enforcer of Islamic blasphemy laws in the West is extremely worrisome.

I note in passing that over the centuries, many Muslim artists have depicted Mohammed -- the stricture against doing it is something that more recently has been adopted as a weapon against non-Muslims.

The meme Nawaz created, which the SPLC has labeled as "extremist," simply showed Jesus and Mohammed saying hello to each other. I'm reminded of the West Bank blogger Waleed al-Husseini, who made very mild posts either in support of atheism, or satirizing Islam. The Palestinian Authority arrested him and jailed him without due process, as mobs of outraged Muslims in the streets clamored for his death. (The usual gang of anti-Israel, allegedly 'pro-Palestinian activists' were nowhere to be found). A notion widely circulated among Palestinians and other Muslim societies was that al-Husseini's blog posts constituted "incitement," i.e. he deserved to have mobs in the streets calling for his death, and to be jailed.

If we don't take a stand now, that is the direction our freedoms will go in the West.

I also note that for the SPLC to label these people as "extremists" is inflammatory and inappropriate. In normal reporting, the word "extremist" applies to individuals or groups who use severe violence as a means to an ideological end. Thus, Omar Mateen was an extremist, and the Tsarnaev brothers were extremists -- but Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

And, Ayaan Hirsi Ali has already had to live under police protection because of the Islamic threats on her life -- the SPLC has gone and put an additional target on her back by mislabeling her an "Anti-Muslim extremist."

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