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Submitted by VPB, Oct 31, 2016 17:48

The SPLC lists the American Family Association, part of the Family Resource Council, as an extremist group on their "watchlist." They actually gave this list to the US DoD a few years back to use as training so soldiers could spot groups and their followers to be wary of and to put on their own watchlists.

Though SPLC lists several "horrible" comments from AFA staff, here is the one related to the topic at hand, which the SPLC labels as "offensive":
"[Islam] is, in fact, a religion of war, violence, intolerance, and physical persecution of non-Muslims."
–Tim Wildmon, March 6, 2012

Horrible, horrible Tim Wildmon. How dare you? (Sarcasm font)

But not only is the SPLC confused about who is "hateful," their designation is also causing hate.

The inclusion of the AFA on the SPLC list led a gunman to open fire at the Family Resource Council office building in Washington, DC. The gunman targeted the offices bc of the designation on the SPLC site. He showed up with a gun, and a backpack of Chic-fil-A sandwiches to smear in the victim's faces after he shot them. He was stopped by the security guard, who took a bullet, but likely saved the lives of dozens of people.

"That crime happened courtesy of Floyd Corkins and his Glock pistol, and his backpack filled with Chick-fil-A sandwiches. His target on August 15, 2012 was the FRC office in D.C., where Corkins admitted to authorities he wanted to "kill as many as I could." He was referring to Tony Perkins and his FRC employees...

Here's where it gets really good. Corkins told the FBI he used the SPLC's website as a source for choosing an "anti-gay" target, but SPLC co-founder Morris Dees declared that his organization was not responsible for the nine-millimeter bullet in the arm of Leo Johnson, the guard who stopped Corkins. Dees told CNS News that "having a group on our Hate Map doesn't cause anybody to attack them," even though Corkins said it did."

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