Jordan is a Palestinian State

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Submitted by Gea, Jan 3, 2017 09:21

In 1922/23 under the British Mandate for managing former Ottoman occupied territories, which included many other Arabs populated countries where there were also about a million of Jews, the British lopped off 85% of the Ottoman province "Palestine" (name given it by the Romans before Roman Empire split in West and East) and created Transjordan, with mostly Arab Muslim population.

The West Palestine (west of river Jordan) was left for future Jewish homeland promised to Jews with a Balfour Declaration. Then the British started being dependent on Arab oil and started limiting Jewish immigration into Palestine which was being revived by the Jews and experience.d large influx of Arabs ( (mostly Muslims) from Egypt, Syria and elsewhere who were looking for better life in West Palestine. Same with Muslim invasion of Europe as Muslims are usually looting others rather then creating something by themselves

Therefore, all current Muslim inhabitants of Samara, Judea and Gaza can move to Egypt, just as more than half of the Jewish population of Israel (which also has 23% Muslims) are descents of the Jews who had to flee or were ethnically cleansed by the Muslims who are now doing the same thing to Christians as there are no more Jews left among them. There will be no end to terrorism and violence until Islam ITSELF STOPS teaching hatred of ALL non--Muslims and particularly Jews.

Mohamed also envied and hated and ethnically cleansed them from Arabian peninsula, starting in 627 AD, when he had 900 Jewish men beheaded, looted their property and took their women and children into slavery, which is widely practiced under Muslims even today, from London, Mauritius, Senegal, Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Saudi Arabia and beyond. Many EX-Muslims had warned Westerners that Islam ITSELF is an IDEOLOGY, which is worse than Nazism. Should be let millions of Nazis invade our countries or create another Nazi like state in addition to current 56 dysfunctional, corrupt, overpopulated Muslims occupied states which want another Muslims Judenrein state to destroy the ONLY state where Jews are in majority (although Israel as a fifth column of 23$ Muslims, just as India has 16% of Muslims, which is increasing because Muslims have much higher birth rates).

UN needs to abolish special division dedicated to keep "Palestinian problem" brewing and feeding ever increasing number of Muslim children as Islam promotes pedophilia multiple marriages and high birth rate which makes their lives even more dysfunctional. That is why Muslim are invading Europe, Australia and Americas after destroying their original sharia run countries of Islam. Islam ITSELF is not compatible with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights which most of 56 Muslims occupied countries refused to sign and thus Islam ITSELF has no place in a civilized world.

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