A Falasteen?????

Reader comment on: Hamas's Fatah and the No-State Solution

Submitted by SaEFan, Jan 3, 2017 12:12

Dahlan, Barguti, Hanyeh, all blood soaked to the bones, will vie for Judah-Samaria leadership when Abbas leaves the scene. Gaza is a separate entity and Israel will make sure it remains so. The carrot for the Falasteenians in the street is Statehood as a precursor to "return". For the leaders, "return" is a horizon, unreachable by definition. Statehood to be solid must be won, not bestowed. For Israel the statehood bestowed by the UN was solidified by the win of 1948. After that there lingered questions of permanence, that vanished in 1967. I see no equivalent "win" for a Falasteen, only a bestowal. In Arabic, a Baksheesh! Even if a state of Falasteen will appear, it will be a failed State from any definition of the word, totally dependent on foreign support for its very existence. Basically an Israeli Protectorate - if they behave! This situation will not be likely to change, as the territory is too small, the population too small, no natural resources, not even enough water, no oil, no nothing!! All they will have is aspirations and willingness to create havoc, in essence blackmailing the world. Even Jordan is no supporting cane, being de-facto a Sa'udi-Israeli Protectorate.

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