The Abbas-Fatah-Hamas Mix

Reader comment on: Hamas's Fatah and the No-State Solution

Submitted by Juanita Skelton, Jan 4, 2017 08:33

Well, this is a "ghoul-ash" of a political stew! What a mess! To kill or be killed?...THAT is the question in Palestinian affairs. There doesn't seem to be too many real options for the people who are politically engaged enough to vote. You can vote for Fatah( either faction) which says to continue the struggle, but let's call in our "Trump card"!) Or, you can go for the Hamas-Fatah faction that will continue the armed struggle with Israel but have as your leader a Mr. Ismail Haniyeh who wants to destroy Israel(let there be NO DOUBT, if you GO that way, YOU WILL GET DESTROYED, as well). Not a lot of choices!

This is sort of like our American election: hard choices;old problems are hanging around with no solutions; and everyone is DIVIDED over everything just because NO ONES KNOWS HOW TO LOSE WITH DIGNITY without taking everyone down with them; and finally...the worst... BETRAYAL!!!!
My heart goes out to the Palestinians and Israelies who are the real heroes in this Promised Land. These heroes brave the impact of whoever is "elected". These heroes are the martyrs who go unsung, unfed with the "meat of peaceful lives"; undernourished due to lack of inspirational leadership; and getting too much "bang" for their bucks they pay in taxes for the necessary government military hardware in bombs.
Can we who sit on the sidelines help? No one can help if the two sides cannot and will not help each other.

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