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Reader comment on: UnCorked: Ireland's Pseudo-Academic Anti-Israel Hate-Fest
in response to reader comment: If the Jews do not belong in Israel, then the Irish do not belong in Ireland

Submitted by Denis MacEoin, Jan 8, 2017 10:29

A number of people have pointed out a problem with my sentence "If the Jews do not belong in Israel, then the Europeans do not belong in New Zealand, Australia or North and South America." The Jews do indeed have natural rights to live in Israel as an indigenous population. I should have made that point clearer: one of the arguments against Jewish return to Israel is that the original Zionists were Ashkenazi Europeans and that they were colonists. My point was to dismiss this by saying today's Australians, New Zealanders etc. are now considered indigenous to their countries, even if aborigines and Maoris are older. Obviously, if we ignore the Ashkenazi or Mizrahi character of Jews and simply see them as Jews who had been forced to live a European, American, or Middle Easter/North Afrtican diaspora, then the logic of their self-determination in their original homeland is obvious. Jews can never rightly be called 'colonists' in their homeland, any more than we Irish are colonists in Ireland or the French colonists in France.

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