Obama and the DNC complicit with radical Islam by being blind to it.

Reader comment on: Palestinians: Glorifying Mass Murderers

Submitted by jeb, Jan 10, 2017 11:06

Obama and the DNC complicit with radical Islam by being blind to it. And not only blind punish those who have sight.
Families are suing Twitter for its permissive polices that have allowed Islamic terrorist a free means to communicate and incite violence. The Obama administration interprets these incitements as freedom of speech while as C&C he has pushed an anti-Christian and Jewish agenda in the military which bans free Bibles from being dispersed and generally takes a Islamist point of view i=on demonstrations of the Christian faith. I have spoken to Submissive Catholic Priests, marginal Protestant ministers that push an agenda that the three faiths are the same and Jesus is the same in the Koran as the New Testament, How can lie like that? Jews hold Jesus was a good man who died on the cross, Christians he was God incarnate and died on the cross and rose again and ascended into heaven. Muslim have him not dying on the cross. Yet in the pro Islamist narrative only the Muslim view is correct? How it is atheists, marginal Christians to repeat myself and Muslims are all on the same page is difficult to fathom. Until you realize the western pro-Islamist share a globalist vision of peace and submission and socialist materialism and they don't to shy about who they have to ally themselves with to make it happen.
That is how a Black and Islamic supremacist a racist bigot like Ellison can hold a seat in congress and be important in DNC circles.

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