Writings by Bassam Tawil  (View Biography)

Title Date
Guess Which 'Moderate' Palestinian Terrorist Group Participated In the October 7 Massacre2024/05/28
The Secret Reason Hamas's Friends - Ireland, Norway, Spain (and Germany) - Are Helping the Palestinians2024/05/24
Palestinians Threaten to Attack US Troops2024/05/20
Why the Palestinian Authority Should Not Return to Gaza2024/05/17
Egypt's Duplicity, the World's Silence2024/05/14
The Real Reason Hamas and Egypt Oppose Israel's Control of Rafah, the Only Border Out of Gaza2024/05/09
A Palestinian State Will Lead To More Massacres, Final Nail in Coffin Torpedoing Biden Legacy2024/05/07
The 'Palestinian State': Hamas Plays Westerners for Fools - Again2024/05/02
U.S. Campuses: Grooming Terrorists2024/04/29
Qatar, 'Leading Sponsor of Terrorism in the World, More than Iran,' Is Not an Impartial Mediator2024/04/24
Christians Prefer Living in Israel, Not the Palestinian Authority2024/04/16
Hamas Destroys Gaza, Now Trying to Claim That a 'Victory'2024/04/15
How Biden is Sabotaging His Peace Deal Between Israel and Saudi Arabia2024/04/10
The Silky Hand of Qatar Targets Jordan2024/04/08
New 'Revitalized' Palestinian Authority, Same as the Old Palestinian Authority2024/04/05
Qatar and Its Al-Jazeera Network: 'Voice for Terrorists'2024/03/29
Biden Administration's Terrorist Pier in Gaza: The Trojan Horse For Terrorists to Take Over the Region2024/03/27
The Gaza War: The Real Problem2024/03/19
Biden Should be Threatening Qatar and the Terrorists, Not Israel2024/03/15
Palestinians: 'Revitalized' Means Unity with Hamas Terrorists2024/03/12
'Ramadan - Month of Jihad' : Ramadan Will Not Stop Hamas From Killing Jews2024/03/08
The Illusion of a Palestinian 'Demilitarized' State2024/03/05
'Why Doesn't Hamas Go to Hell and Hide There?': Other Voices from Gaza2024/02/12
Biden's 'Two-State Solution' To Reward Palestinian Terrorism, Destroy Israel2024/02/05
Palestinian Terrorists, Hospitals, and Plans for Palestinian State2024/02/01
Time to End UNRWA's Jihad against Israel2024/01/29
"Like...wtf": Israel's Arab Citizens Feel Lucky2024/01/25
Wanted: Palestinian Leaders Who Will Condemn Terrorism2024/01/23
Biden Administration's 'Pathway' to a Palestinian Terror State2024/01/18
How to End the Suffering of the Palestinians2024/01/16
Is Qatar, Which Built Hamas's Empire of Terrorism, An Honest Broker?2024/01/11
Lebanon Hosts Terrorists, Points Massive Arsenal at Israel, Then Complains When Israel Defends Itself2024/01/09
Why The Palestinian Authority Is No Better than Hamas2024/01/04
Why Christian Leaders Ignore Attacks on Their Community2024/01/02
How UNRWA Grooms Terrorists2023/12/26
The Biden Administration, Palestinians and Inconvenient Truths2023/12/21
The Curious Case of the Biden Administration and Hamas2023/12/18
Can the Palestinian Authority Be 'Revitalized'? Can the Cat Guard the Cream?2023/12/05
Palestinians: 'Extreme' Support for Terrorist Group Hamas, Israel's Destruction2023/11/20
The Biden Administration's Dangerous Solutions For Gaza2023/11/16
Hamas's Useful Idiots in the U.S., Europe2023/11/13
A 'Humanitarian Pause' - To Save the Terrorist Group Hamas?!2023/11/06
The 'Two-State' Solution to Murder Jews2023/11/02
The Palestinian Authority's Responsibility for Hamas's October Massacre2023/10/31
Who Says Hamas Does Not Represent The Palestinians?2023/10/23
Palestinians' War on Israel and US Senators' Delusional 'Two-State Solution'2023/10/09
The International Day of Persecuting Palestinian Journalists2023/10/05
Palestinians Steal Water From Palestinians, Then Blame Israel2023/10/02
Where Are the Palestinian Concessions for Peace?2023/09/28
Palestinians: Israeli Concessions Are a Sign of Weakness2023/09/21
Why Are Palestinians Fleeing the Gaza Strip?2023/09/18
How the Biden Administration Is Trying to Bribe the Palestinians2023/09/13
How Terrorist Leaders, Backed by Iran, Exploit Palestinians2023/09/05
Human Rights Watch's Jihad Against Israel2023/08/31
How US Politicians Empower Anti-American Jihadists and Other Aggressors2023/08/28
The Washington Post's 'Good' Terrorists2023/08/24
After Destroying Lebanon, Iran-controlled Hezbollah Threatens War with Israel2023/08/21
Iran's Plan To Turn The West Bank Into A Terror Base2023/08/17
Palestinians: Prime Minister Shtayyeh's Straight-Faced Lies to Official US Delegations2023/08/15
The Real Reason Palestinians Do Not Have a Free Media2023/08/09
A Cry for Help from Palestinians2023/08/04
Palestinian 'Unity' To Destroy Israel2023/07/31
The EU-Funded Education for Jihad and Martyrdom2023/07/25
Palestinians' Summer Camps To Kill Jews2023/07/20
Palestinians: Victims of Apartheid2023/07/17
Iran's Plan To Drive Jews Out of 'Palestine'2023/07/10
UN and Arabs Whitewash Atrocities of Bashar Assad, Instead Blame – Guess Who?2023/07/04
The Palestinians No One Talks About2023/06/27
Palestinians: We Prefer Terrorism to Peace with Israel2023/06/22
The United Nations' Jihad Against Israel2023/06/12
Palestinians' Preferred Candidates: Terrorists Who Want To Kill Jews2023/06/05
Mahmoud Abbas's Two-Palestinian-State Solution2023/05/31
The Real Threat to Al-Aqsa Mosque is From Muslims, Not Jews2023/05/22
The Palestinians' Other Jihad Against Israel2023/05/16
The Real Meaning of 'From The River To The Sea, Palestine Will Be Free'2023/05/11
Palestinians: More Human Rights Violations No One Talks About2023/05/08
Jordanian MP Lauded as "Hero" for Smuggling Weapons into Israel2023/05/04
How Palestinians Are Trying to Destroy Lebanon2023/05/02
Palestinians: The Real Human Rights Violations2023/04/25
How Some Americans Support Terrorism Against Israel2023/04/20
What Is Really Happening at Jerusalem's Holy Sites?2023/04/13
Why Palestinians Cannot Resume Peace Talks with Israel2023/04/11
Biden's Anti-Israel Policy Empowers Iran, Palestinian Terrorists2023/04/04
The Real Meaning Of 'Pro-Palestinian'2023/03/27
Biden Administration's Delusional Plan to Combat Palestinian Terrorism2023/03/16
The EU's Lethal Obsession with Israel2023/03/09
The Palestinian Authority for the Rights of Terrorists!2023/03/06
The Palestinians' New Terror Groups2023/02/28
Killing Jews Brings Light into The Hearts of Palestinians2023/02/21
European Union, Biden Administration Embrace Palestinian Lies2023/02/16
Europe's Proxy War against Israel2023/02/13
How 'The Collective Voice of the Muslim World' Weaponizes the UN against Israel2023/02/06
UNRWA is Part of the Problem – Not the Solution2023/02/01
Why Israelis Voted for Right-Wing Parties2023/01/17
Palestinians Recruit Minors as Terrorists, Then Condemn Israel for Shooting 'Innocent Children'2023/01/12
The European Union's War on Israel2023/01/09
Why Palestinians Want to Slaughter Jewish Worshippers2023/01/05
The United Nations for Empowering Terrorists2023/01/03
Biden Administration and the Two-State Delusion2022/12/19
The Extremists the Biden Administration Does Not See2022/12/14
US Funds Arabs Who Want to Destroy Israel2022/12/05
Biden Rewards Palestinians for Terrorism, Incitement2022/11/30
Palestinians Vote For Terrorists, Then Claim Israelis Are 'Extremists'2022/11/07
How Americans, Europeans Embolden Palestinian Terrorism2022/10/27
Iranian Mullahs Target Women, the West; Palestinians Target Jews2022/10/04
Mahmoud Abbas's Palestinian Terrorists2022/09/15
Palestinians: It Pays Better to Be America's Adversary, Not Its Friend2022/08/09
Why No One Cares When Palestinians Kill Palestinians2022/07/21
Biden Administration Funds Anti-Israel Curricula, Hate Messages2022/07/20
Why Biden's 'Gestures' to the Palestinians Will Not Bring Peace or Stability2022/07/12
Why Biden Needs to Fight, Not Appease, the Enemies of Peace2022/06/09
Palestinians: A Vote to Destroy Israel2022/05/24
Palestinians Lie to Murder Jews; U.S. Rewards Them2022/05/11
How Palestinians Desecrate Everyone's Holy Sites, Including Their Own2022/04/19
Palestinians: We Are Proud of Terrorists2022/01/04
The Palestinian School of Terrorism2021/12/22
The Palestinian Jihad against Jews2021/11/22
Biden Ignores Palestinian Support For Terrorists2021/10/04
The Real Palestinian 'Heroes': Terrorists2021/09/30
How Palestinian Leaders Are Deceiving Americans2021/07/13
Biden Administration Rewards Terrorists: Abbas and Hamas2021/06/01
Palestinians: Our True Goal is to Destroy Israel2021/05/11
Why Abbas Does Not Want Elections2021/04/30
Palestinians: US Taxpayer Money Going to Terrorists2021/04/06
Terrorists All Set to Win Palestinian Elections2021/03/30
Palestinian Terrorists to Biden: Do Not Believe the Palestinian Leadership2021/03/02
Palestinians: EU Facilitating Hamas Victory2021/02/19
Palestinians: More Corruption as Biden Resumes Financial Aid2021/02/12
Arab Medical Apartheid - Where Is the Outrage?2021/01/28
The Palestinian Plan to Dupe the Biden Administration2021/01/22
Palestinians: An International "Peace" Conference to Displace Israel2020/12/29
Palestinian Incitement Against Israeli Journalists2020/12/09
Palestinians Call for Boycotting Israel, Then Ask Israel To Save Their Lives2020/11/05
The Palestinian War on History2020/08/11
Palestinians' Chief Negotiator or Chief Liar?2020/08/03
How Palestinians Terrorize Their Own People2020/07/06
Palestinians 'Execute' Unarmed Civilian, Condemn Israel For Killing Terrorist2020/06/29
The Gaza They Do Not Want You to See2020/06/10
Why Western Media is Biased Against Israel2020/06/03
The Palestinian Virus of Jihad2020/05/25
Why Hamas Loves Human Rights Watch2020/05/15
Palestinians: Using Coronavirus to Silence Critics2020/05/06
PLO's Program of Deception and Lies2020/05/01
The Palestinian Virus: Abbas's Role Models2020/04/20
Palestinians: Don't Believe UNRWA, They Are Not Helping2020/04/15
Coronavirus: Why Palestinian Leaders Are Not Helping Gaza to Combat It2020/04/01
Muslim Extremists Exploit Coronavirus to Promote Terrorism, Hate; and Other Muslims that Need the World's Help2020/03/25
Who's Attacking Palestinian Christians?2020/03/08
Why Are Palestinians Dying in Hamas Prisons?2020/03/02
Israel's Election: What Do the Iranians and Palestinians Want?2020/02/27
The Fortunate Arabs in the Middle East2020/02/24
Islamists' Response to Peace Plan2020/02/18
Palestinians: After Inciting Violence, Abbas Comes to New York To Fight a Peace Plan2020/02/10
Palestinian 'Moderates' Celebrate Terror2020/01/03
Are Palestinians Not Entitled to Human Rights?2019/11/25
The 4,006 Palestinians the Europeans Have Not Heard Of2019/11/13
The Palestinian Christmas Show2019/11/12
Israel Blocks Terrorists, Palestinians Block Critics2019/10/30
Terrorists Call for Killing Jews -- from UN HQ in Gaza2019/10/23
"Anti-Normalization" With Israel: The True Goal2019/10/03
Palestinians Steal Electricity, Then Blame Israel2019/10/01
How Hamas Leaders Fool Palestinians2019/09/25
Palestinians' Blood Libels Against Israel, Jews2019/09/16
How Despots Interpret Deals with the West2019/09/06
Palestinians: Why Allow Facts to Get in the Way?2019/08/28
How a US Congresswoman Can Help Palestinians2019/08/21
Is the Palestinian Authority Preparing for a New Intifada?2019/08/16
Palestinians: In Need of a Mirror?2019/08/09
Palestinians: What Is Wrong With Building a Hospital?2019/08/02
The Hamas-Iran Plan to Eliminate Israel2019/07/22
The Palestinian War on Businessmen2019/07/05
Palestinian 'Moderates:' Rifles, Hand Grenades and Terrorism2019/06/21
How Palestinian Leaders Butcher the Truth2019/06/10
Why Palestinians Oppose Economic Prosperity2019/05/17
How Palestinian Leaders Punish Patients2019/05/13
How Palestinian Leaders Encourage Terrorism2019/04/24
What Is Behind the Opposition to Peace with Israel?2019/04/06
Thousands of Muslim Women Raped, Tortured, Killed in Syrian Prisons2019/03/25
Hamas War Crimes against Israel, Palestinians2019/03/18
Palestinians: "No Place for the Zionist Entity in Palestine"2019/02/26
Hamas, Islamic Jihad War Crimes Against Children and Women2019/02/12
The Palestinians: Who Really Cares?2019/02/01
The Palestinian Jihad Against Peace2019/01/28
Palestinians' Anti-Semitic Stereotyping of Jews2019/01/19
The New Palestinian 'Catastrophe': A Shopping Mall Hiring Palestinians2019/01/11
Palestinians' New Year's Resolutions2019/01/02
Palestinians: The Real "Crimes"2018/12/26
Palestinians: Shooting a Pregnant Woman and Lying2018/12/17
UN Approves Terror, Torpedoes Peace2018/12/10
Why Iran Funds Palestinian Terrorists2018/12/03
The Palestinians No One Talks About2018/11/27
Palestinians Arresting Women; Where are the Media?2018/11/19
Massive Missile Attack on Israel after Qatar Funds Hamas2018/11/13
The Middle East "Truce": Why Hamas Cannot Be Trusted2018/11/05
New Palestinian "Concern" for International Conventions2018/10/30
How Palestinians Lie to Europeans2018/10/11
Israel's 'Nationality' Law and Palestinian Lies2018/10/01
The Palestinians' Three No's: What They Mean2018/09/26
Funding UNRWA: Are European Taxpayers Being Taken for a Ride?2018/09/20
Mahmoud Abbas: Fresh American Blood on His Hands2018/09/17
Palestinians: Spitting in the Well2018/09/07
Jerusalem: Why Palestinian Leaders Say Don't Vote2018/08/31
US Aid, Palestinian Wakaha2018/08/27
Abbas's Responsibility for Gaza Crisis2018/08/21
UN Enabling Hamas's War Machine2018/08/13
Hamas Blackmail, Media Silence2018/08/09
The Secret Reason Arabs Reject the Jewish Nation-State Law2018/07/31
Palestinian Authority Silences Students2018/07/25
Palestinians' Latest "Apartheid Fatwa"2018/07/17
Why Do Palestinian Leaders Oppose Helping Their People?2018/07/12
Palestinians Beat Female Journalists; World "Sees No Evil"2018/07/03
What Prince William Did Not See in Ramallah2018/06/28
Palestinians: The Only Acceptable Peace Plan2018/06/25
Palestinians: How to Achieve a Better Life2018/06/21
Palestinians: "Burn the Jews!"2018/06/07
Palestinians: A Story You Have Not Heard in the West2018/06/05
EU and Palestinian Illegal "Facts on the Ground"2018/05/31
Palestinian "Treason"2018/05/30
Palestinians: Americans Now Legitimate Targets2018/05/23
Pro-Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Shaft Palestinians and Human Rights2018/05/21
Gaza Riots: Really About the Embassy?2018/05/18
Western Taxpayers Funding Abuse of Palestinians2018/05/14
Palestinians: The Best Path to Peace2018/05/09
Palestinians: New Twist on an Old Lie2018/04/23
Hamas "Press Office": Truth Finishes Last2018/04/18
Palestinians: License to Kill Americans2018/04/12
Palestinians: Abbas Targets Hamas, Then Condemns Israel for Targeting Hamas2018/04/06
Palestinians: A March to Destroy Israel2018/04/02
The Secret World of the Palestinian Authority2018/03/29
Palestinians Tortured; Media Silent2018/03/23
The New Palestinian Jihad to Obliterate Israel2018/03/16
The Palestinian Peace Plan2018/03/13
Palestinians: The "Ugly Crime" of a School Curriculum2018/03/01
Palestinians: Israel is One Big Settlement2018/02/26
Palestinians: Abbas's Lies and Falling Mask2018/02/14
Palestinians: The Hamas-ISIS War, Corrupt Leaders2018/02/10
Palestinian Blackmail: US Is Our Enemy2018/01/30
Palestinians: Silencing and Intimidating Journalists2018/01/26
Palestinians: No Difference Between Fatah and Hamas2018/01/22
Palestinians: Abbas's Big Bluff - Again2018/01/18
The Palestinian Terror Party: Celebrating Murder2018/01/13
ISIS Sets Its Sights on Gaza2018/01/10
Palestinians: Always on the Wrong Side2018/01/03
Is It Really about Jerusalem?2017/12/19
Newsflash: Jerusalem Not on Fire!2017/12/10
The Real Palestinian Response to Trump's Jerusalem Speech2017/12/07
Palestinians: More Missed Opportunities2017/12/04
The Great Palestinian Shakedown: Have the Arabs Had Enough?2017/11/30
Palestinians vs. Trump: The Battle Begins2017/11/25
Palestinians: If You Do Not Give Us Everything, We Cannot Trust You2017/11/21
The U.S. Middle East Peace Plan?2017/11/13
Palestinians: Meet Abbas's New Partners2017/11/03
Gaza Strip: Breeding Ground for Radical Terror Groups2017/11/01
The Big New Palestinian Lie2017/10/19
What is Really Uniting the Palestinians?2017/10/15
Palestinian Normalization -- With Hamas, Not Israel2017/10/11
Palestinian "Reconciliation": Hamas Free to Fight but Now Abbas Accountable2017/10/06
The Big Middle East Lie2017/10/02
Palestinian 'Reconciliation': Jihad is Calling!2017/09/25
The True Enemies of the Palestinians2017/09/20
The Palestinians' "Jewish Problem"2017/09/13
Palestinians' War on Art2017/09/11
UN Chief Guterres, the Media and Palestinian Fake News2017/09/01
Palestinians: The Honeymoon with the US is Over2017/08/15
Palestinians Escalate War on Journalists2017/08/12
The Foreign Press Association's Unlimited Bias2017/08/04
"The Battle over Jerusalem Has Just Begun"2017/08/01
Palestinians: Metal Detectors or Lie Detectors - Who Is Violating What?2017/07/27
Palestinians: Abbas's Security Doubletalk2017/07/25
Metal Detectors and Palestinian Lies2017/07/22
UNESCO Supports Terrorism2017/07/12
Abbas's Lies and Palestinian Child Victims2017/06/30
Palestinians: Why Abbas Cannot Stop Funding Terrorists2017/06/26
The Ongoing Drama of Palestinian Lies2017/06/22
Palestinians Praise Terror Attack2017/06/19
How to Send the Wrong Message to Palestinians2017/06/13
Palestinians: Crocodile Tears and Terrorism2017/06/08
Palestinians: Israel's Goodwill Gestures Send Wrong Messages2017/06/02
Palestinians: Abbas Immediately Breaks Promises to Trump2017/05/29
Palestinians: Tomorrow's Secret 'Day of Rage'2017/05/21
Palestinians: The Threats Trump Needs to Hear2017/05/16
The Candy Bar that Blew Barghouti's Cover2017/05/10
Palestinians: Abbas's "Culture of Peace"2017/05/08
Palestinians: Does Anyone Here Care about Muslim Women?2017/05/01
Palestinians: This is How We Intimidate Journalists2017/04/27
Palestinians: The Secret West Bank2017/04/26
Hamas: The New Charter That Isn't2017/04/25
Palestinians: Hunger Strike or Smokescreen?2017/04/20
Arabs: Abu Ivanka (Trump) Is a Hero!2017/04/10
The Terrorism Industry2017/04/06
Palestinians: The Diploma for Terror2017/04/03
Palestinians: We Have the Right to Poison the Minds of our Children2017/03/29
The Real Hamas: Sorry, Folks!2017/03/15
The Dirty Little Secret of Palestinian Journalism - with Agence France-Presse Collusion2017/03/13
Palestinians: Fake News and "Alternative Facts"2017/03/09
Political Operatives Pose as Journalists, Human Rights Groups2017/03/01
The Offer that Turns the Gaza Strip into Singapore2017/02/21
The Islamic Jihad and Peace with Jews2017/02/09
Palestinians: A Strategy of Lies and Deception2017/01/13
Palestinians: Glorifying Mass Murderers2017/01/10
Palestinians: Welcome to the World of Western-Funded Terrorism2016/12/19
The Real Illegal Settlements2016/12/05
Palestinians: "We Are Proud of You. You Killed Jews!"2016/10/14
Egypt's Crucial Role in the Middle East2016/08/15
Hamas Threatens Jordan2016/06/15
The Historic Betrayal of the Palestinians2016/04/05
Palestinians: The Right Time to Take Big Steps?2016/03/04
Who Can Believe Mahmoud Abbas?2016/02/03
Who Is Betraying the Palestinians?2016/01/17
Lessons We Palestinians Can Learn2016/01/06
Palestinians: Save Us from the Good-Hearted Westerners!2016/01/01
The Real Threat to Palestinian Christians: Radical Islam2015/12/27
Why Palestinians Love Baby-Killers2015/12/23
More Lies from Abbas about The "Intifada"2015/12/17
The Palestinians' Window of Opportunity Is Closing2015/12/08
Fatah Knives and ISIS Knives: Palestinian Child-Sacrifice2015/12/03
Palestinians: The Real Goal of the Intifada2015/11/29
Who Is Jailing and Torturing Palestinian Journalists?2015/11/25
More Palestinian and Western Mistakes2015/11/21
The Terrorists Funded by the West2015/11/17
What France and Europe Might Learn2015/11/15
Bankruptcy and Mud2015/11/14
Palestinians: A World of Lies, Deception and Fabrications2015/11/07
Muslim Blood and Al-Aqsa2015/10/31
The Palestinian Jihad: Lies, Lies and More Lies2015/10/24
ISIS Fires Up Palestinians2015/10/19
What Do Palestinian Terrorists Want?2015/10/15
First Step to Resolve the Palestinian Problem: Eliminate UNRWA2015/10/08
Palestinians: Why Our Leaders Are Hypocrites and Liars2015/10/04
Migration Crisis: "Islam Will Conquer Europe Without Firing a Shot"2015/09/28
Palestinians: We Are the New Nazis2015/09/26
The Fiction of Political Islam2015/09/02
Dividing the Arabs: America and Europe's Double Game2015/08/29
Nuclearizing Iran, Sabotaging Arabs2015/08/06
Palestinians: The Difference between Us and Them2015/08/04
Nuclear Iran: Is the U.S. Really Suicidal?2015/07/27
Western Scandals in the Middle East2015/07/09
Palestinians: More Missed Opportunities2015/07/02
Behind the French "Peace Initiative"2015/06/26
Establishing a Palestinian Islamist State2015/06/23
Obama Declares War on Israel2015/03/24
Hero of the Middle East: The Israeli Messenger2015/03/18
Do Israelis Really Think the U.S. Will Come to Their Aid?2015/03/15
What Extremist Islam Thrives On2015/03/12
Hero of the Middle East: King Abdullah II of Jordan2015/03/02
EU, Qatar and Turkey2015/02/25
Hero of the Middle East: Abdel Fattah el-Sisi2015/02/23
The Real Threat to Europe2015/02/19
Iran Speeding to Nuclear Weapons Breakout2015/02/13
Europe's Real "Resistance"2015/01/28
Paris Terror Attacks: Hamas, Fatah Fooling Europe2015/01/12
The Palestinians' Real Enemy: Europe2014/12/28
Who is the Real Chickenshit?2014/11/04
Hamas's War Crimes and Crimes against Islam2014/09/04
Hamas's "Victory"2014/08/27
How the Media Is Helping Hamas2014/07/27
The Vatican in Danger2014/07/16
Palestinians Damage Their Cause: The Pope's Visit to the Middle East2014/06/12
What Kind of Palestinian State?2014/05/15
Real Peace with the Jews2014/04/02
Are the Palestinians Prepared for Peace?2014/03/17
The Questions No One Asks2014/03/12

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