Yahya and Islam?

Reader comment on: Palestinians: Glorifying Mass Murderers

Submitted by Juanita Skelton, Jan 10, 2017 13:48

For those persons who think that there are in EXISTANCE, anywhere, "moderate Islamic people", that Islam is a peace-loving religion, that peace can exist between Palestinians and Jews, and, finally, that a two-state region can exist...please, read this article and weep.
It is not enough to want PEACE in the Middle East. Peace will never be enough for the Islamists/Muslims because their aspirations are quite a different thing.
We, who have a love for freedom, peace, and MUTUAL-ALITIES (my own word) cannot afford to ignore the EXISTENCE of the antithesis to our goal: which is and has been:1. The possibility of a negotiated peace, and, 2. PEACEFUL co-existence around a two-state ideal!
I would NEVER WANT a Palestinian state to exist within or around the State of Israel, IF the central, all-pervasive Palestinian States Motto is "death to Jews AND INFIDELS!!!!"..."Destruction to the NATION of Israel!!!!"
How could any democratically educated leadership even begin to understand HOW to make that happen?
If, and I emphasize "IF", the goals of the two cultures wanting to co-habitate a geographical space are so radically different(Jews want their historical homeland;The Palestinians want to "kill, maim, and destroy anyone or anything Jewish)then, HOW CAN WE GET THEM TOGETHER to LIVE? One side WANTS LIFE! The other side WANTS DEATH! Those two goals are totally incompatible with each other!
All that is happening now on the "stage" that we call the UNITED NATIONS is the equivalent of a Sheikh's Bazaar. It is and has been bought by Arab oil interests and the Arab oil interests ENJOY CHEAP FOOT SOLDIERS:the "heroic mujahideen"(suicide bombers:they LOVE to DIE thus are LESS EXPENSIVE to maintain over the long term...very convenient, wouldn't you agree, wealthy oil-baron-Islamists?)
'Who is "zoomin'" who?',as we say in vernacular, cultural-speech here in America, where we still enjoy a modicum of free speech!
No one is fooled, Abbas. No one WANTS the deaths of millions of innocent civilians of ANY RACE or ETHNICITY except YOU and Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood,aka OIL-RICH ARABS! It really is quite simple this "war of words" from a people who hope in the impossible: OIL will remain in Arab hands and your Palestinian people will be it's foot soldiers who will get ONLY the meager hand-outs from your OIL BARON WEALTHY IMAMS. Surely, you aren't suicidal!?!?

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