Nothing new about Iran

Reader comment on: Iran Steps Up Threats to Israel, U.S.

Submitted by Albert Reingewirtz, Jan 11, 2017 07:16

Carter, a Democratic President of the USA, has a great success as his legacy, The Islamic Republic of Iran, a danger first of all to all the Middle East. Another Democratic President, The Chief Islamist in Washington Barack Hussein, let them prepare to have nuclear weapons in the near future and gave them millions delivered by special planes in cash on pallets. Now Iran has the ware vitals to support Islamic terror against all Sunni states and the Jewish state until it gets it's nuclear bombs to finish the job. US citizens just voted Democrats out fearing Islamic terror immigration promoted by Democrats for "Open borders" and rule by the UN controlled by about 50 Islamic state voting block. I sure hope that one of the first things President Trump will do is defund the UN to kill it once and for all times.

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