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Title Date
The UN and EU's Silence on Iran's "Shocking Human Rights Violations"2020/09/07
Iran: "American Soil is Now Within the Range of Iranian Bombs"2020/09/05
Watch for Election Meddling by Iran and Other Adversaries of America2020/08/29
UN Supports 'World's Worst State Sponsor of Terrorism,' Iran2020/08/21
The Mullahs and Hezbollah, Lords of Drug Smuggling2020/08/12
Iran: China's Newest Colony?2020/08/08
Iran: The Mullahs Are Excited2020/07/28
The "Maximum Pressure" on Iran's Regime2020/07/22
Iran's Mullahs Celebrate More Rewards from the 'Nuclear Deal'2020/07/18
The Mullah's Spies and Assassinations in the West2020/07/06
Will the EU Ever Stop Appeasing Iran's Mullahs?2020/06/22
Danger: Iran's Arms Embargo About to Expire2020/06/17
Iran Close to Nuclear Weapons Breakout2020/06/09
White House Iran Policy Is Hitting Tehran's Terror Allies Hard. Now Let Us Try for Harder.2020/06/01
Iran: The Ayatollah, Amid Coronavirus, Calls for Jihad Against the Jewish State2020/05/26
Iran's Mullahs Advancing Anti-Israel Agenda Despite Coronavirus2020/05/21
Coronavirus: The Mullahs Strengthen Ties with Venezuela2020/05/11
Germany Allows Mullahs' Terror Banks Amid Coronavirus2020/05/04
Iran: Mullahs Using Coronavirus to Heighten Anti-Americanism2020/04/28
Falling into the Iranian Regime's Coronavirus Trap2020/04/20
IMF Must Not Buy the Mullahs' Coronavirus Lies2020/04/13
Iran: How the Regime Is Trying to Exploit the Coronavirus Crisis2020/04/06
Amid Coronavirus, Mullahs Speeding Up Nuclear Activities2020/03/31
Coronavirus: Should the U.S. Lift Sanctions on Iran?2020/03/24
Iran's Coronavirus Cover-up2020/03/16
Iran: The Mullahs' Coronavirus Lies2020/03/10
Who Is the Ayatollah's New Top General?2020/03/04
Iran's Lobbyists and Agents in the West2020/01/28
The EU Needs to Take Tougher Stance Towards Iran's Mullahs2020/01/23
Thanks to the President, U.S. Policy Heading in the Right Direction2020/01/06
In Iran, It Is a Crime to Be a Christian2019/12/29
Iran to Have Nuclear Bomb in a Few Months?2019/11/26
Thanks to Trump, the Mullahs Are Going Bankrupt2019/11/21
Europe Backs Iranian Nuclear Breakout2019/11/14
EU Supports Iran - World's Leading Executioner of Children2019/10/28
Iran: Acting to Make Trump a One-Term President2019/10/10
France: President Macron Must Stop Appeasing Iran's Mullahs2019/10/03
Evidence that Iran Violated the Nuclear Deal Since Day One?2019/09/23
Iran Ready to "Wipe the Zionist Regime off the Map"2019/09/09
Iran's Mullahs: Loving the Democrats' Presidential Debates2019/08/22
Khamenei's Nuclear Fatwa is a Deception, a Ploy and a Lie2019/08/10
The UN's Deadly Silence on Iran's Maritime Violations2019/07/31
To the EU: Iran's Mullahs Will Never Be Your Friend2019/07/22
US and Iran: What is NOT a Smart Policy2019/07/06
Will Iran's Attacks on the US and Allies Escalate?2019/06/26
No Peace as Long as Iran's Mullahs Enjoy Power2019/06/20
The Mullahs Promise "Demise of Israel" and American Civilization2019/06/15
Iran's Plans to Kidnap and Kill More Americans2019/05/23
The Iranian Government's 40 Years of Hatred Towards America2019/05/16
The US Sanctions on Mullahs are Working2019/04/27
The US Must Stop Iran's Takeover of Yemen2019/04/16
The EU Still Appeasing the Mullahs2019/04/15
Stop Iran From Going Nuclear2019/03/30
Iran Inches Closer to its Goal: "Wipe Israel off the Map"2019/03/16
Iran: Child Executions, Amputations, Floggings2019/03/08
Iran: Mounting Persecution of Christians2019/02/24
The 40th Anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran2019/02/10
Iran's Kidnapping Industry2019/01/26
Apologists for Extremism in the West2019/01/08
An 8-Year-Old Bride2018/12/15
Tale of a Christian Mother in a Non-Christian Land2018/11/04
Christians Sentenced to Death Under Sharia Law2018/10/14
Why Can't I Criticize My Religion?2018/09/16
An Iranian Dream: "Why Can't I Dance?"2018/08/18
Hijab Chronicles2018/08/05
Story of a Foiled Islamist Terrorist Attack2018/07/15
My School's Imam: "We Love Western Anti-West Theories"2018/06/12
Radicalism: The Real Shock Was the Reaction of the Americans...2018/05/12
The Love Affair with Syria's Dictator2018/04/22
The "Moderate" Muslim Scholar Industry2018/04/03
Punished for Not Chanting "Death to America, Israel, Britain"2018/03/03
History Lessons from Years Under Islamism2018/02/17
Welcome to America, Terrorists! Right This Way for Student Visas!2018/01/31
"I Am Sick of Hijab, Sharia Law, Sharia Police"2018/01/24
If You Hate America, Why Not Go Back to Your Country?2018/01/06
Obama Betrayed Iranian People; Trump Stands with Them2018/01/03
The Regime Chants "Death to America", Iranians Chant "Death to Mullahs"2018/01/01
"I am not American," said the Islamist; "I am Muslim"2017/12/02
Stop the "Diversity" Visa Lottery, Gateway for Jihadists2017/11/02
More Jihadists in the West - Why?2017/10/04
Lessons for the West: Imprisoned for One's Faith2017/09/06
When Feminists Join Islamist Terrorists2017/08/20
Islamist Spies Infiltrating the West to Terrorize Christians2017/08/06
Deny the Holocaust, but Don't Question Sharia?2017/07/23
Deadly Tale: Christian Converts from Islam2017/07/09
World's Rallying Cry: "Free Iran"2017/07/04
Death of a Religious Minority Under Radical Islam2017/06/04
Links Between Islamism and Executions2017/05/10
Sanction Iran's Regime, Add IRCG to Terrorist List2017/04/27
Sentenced to Death for "Insulting Islam"2017/04/07
As a Muslim, I am Shocked by Liberals and Leftists2017/03/25
From Execution to Medieval Torture: "Iran's Mandela", Ayatollah Boroujerdi2017/03/13
Iran Tests Trump2017/02/02
Iran Trains Children for War2017/01/23
Iran Steps Up Threats to Israel, U.S.2017/01/11
Iran's Monstrous Record in 20162016/12/27
Iran Breaks Nuclear Deal and UN Resolutions2016/12/15
Iran to Trump: Death to America Will Live On2016/12/05
Iran's Forces Outnumber Assad's in Syria2016/11/24
Iran Breaches Nuclear Deal - Again. What's Next?2016/11/13
Iran's Threats Louder after Obama Appeasement2016/11/10
Iran Takes More Hostages: What Did the US Expect?2016/10/27
Obama Quietly Empowers Iran's Military2016/10/18
Iran's Massacre and Rising Crimes Against Humanity2016/10/05
Iran's Rouhani: Tactical Shift at the UN2016/09/19
Iran: The Return of Ahmadinejad & Co.2016/09/05
Khamenei and IRGC's Increasing Popularity2016/08/17
Iran Is Cheating on the Nuclear Deal, Now What?2016/08/04
It Is the Duty of Muslims to Speak Out2016/07/11
U.S. Bankrolling Hezbollah2016/07/06
The National Iranian American Council (NIAC)2016/06/22
Iran: Ayatollah Khamenei Plans Next Supreme Leader2016/05/31
Iran's Anti-Semitism2016/05/16
Khamenei's Anti-Americanism2016/05/08
Reza Moridi: The Changing Faces of an Iranian-Canadian MPP2016/05/02

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