Sweden-The laughing-stock

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Submitted by the open Mike, Feb 22, 2017 22:37

Sweden has become the laughing stock of the free world. Once the bright, shining star of social freedom, its government leaders, courts and law enforcement agencies have succumbed to the mortal wound inflicted by the cancer of Political Correctness, while its blond, blue-eyed citizens descendants of proud, mighty Viking warriors, stand meekly by, like petrified mummies, while their freedoms, their traditions, their culture and their very country are naively stolen from them without a mummer by a merciless sect of anti-Christian followers of a 7th century barbaric dogma, who have no regard nor respect for their hosts nor the Swedish Judeo/Christian values that are so cherished.

The assault on Free Speech, in the name of preventing Islamophobia, is the height of perverted disillusionment. Since when, in a free society, is a citizen prohibited or persecuted for expressing a critical opinion or analysis of a religion or a religious figure. If such prohibited laws and concepts were a part of a free society, Antisemitism would have long ago disappeared.

How in the name of reason, logic or simple common sense, can a Government and its Courts and police justify their failure to take strong and effective steps to protect its innocent beautiful young women, who have long been the universal symbol of femininity and beauty throughout the world, to become the victims of unapologetic and entitled sexual attacks and violence by mauling, unapologetic and entitled Muslim boys and men.

Fathers, grandfathers, husbands, brothers and uncles of Sweden-- WHERE ARE YOU!!! How can you allow your country to fall prey to such a travesty?

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