Greece is Done

Reader comment on: Greece: A Democracy in Crisis

Submitted by Gene Taglia, Mar 16, 2017 16:36

Greece is beyond help, unless it totally collapses and has to start over (outside the EU, and without help from anyone). Its corrupt, socialist economic and political system (popular with the public, most of whom live from it) is unsustainable without the financial support of the EU. This means that it can't control its borders (even if it wanted to) and keep up the flow of EU money that allows it to continue in its present state.

Unless Greece is put in a position where it has to survive on its own resources (and is forced to make the necessary changes to do so), nothing will change. Any Greek government that would suggest the sort of changes that could make the country economically viable, without being in a position where there was no money (and no possibility of borrowing any) to continue the present system, would be overthrown the next day.

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