Writings by Topic: Italy

Title Author Date
Germany's Largest Right-Wing Extremist Group is Turkish, not GermanSoeren Kern2021/06/22
Italy: Defend National Borders, End Up on TrialGiulio Meotti2020/10/11
Italy: China's Trojan Horse into EuropeGiulio Meotti2020/05/10
Coronavirus Comes for EuropeGuy Millière2020/03/18
Coronavirus: European Leaders Finally Acknowledge Scale of CrisisSoeren Kern2020/03/13
Italy: Salvini Facing Show Trial for "Kidnapping" MigrantsSoeren Kern2020/02/14
Europe's Nigerian MafiaJohn Richardson2020/01/08
Italy: Mass Legalization of Migrants is SuicidalGiulio Meotti2019/10/28
Italy: Salvini Out, Migrants InSoeren Kern2019/09/28
Italy: Salvini Down but Not OutSoeren Kern2019/09/04
Europe: "Mediterranean Taxis" for People-SmugglersSoeren Kern2019/08/27
Italy Building Anti-EU AxisSoeren Kern2019/01/14
Italy Adopts Hardline Immigration LawSoeren Kern2018/12/07
Italy and Hungary Create 'Anti-Immigration Axis'Soeren Kern2018/09/01
Italy: Interior Minister Accused of Kidnapping MigrantsSoeren Kern2018/08/30
The US, Italy, and International TradeCesare Sacchetti2018/08/06
Italy: "The Party is Over" for Illegal MigrantsSoeren Kern2018/06/04
Populist Government Takes Power in ItalySoeren Kern2018/06/01
Italy's Pro-EU President Flouts VotersSoeren Kern2018/05/29
New NGO Racket: Smuggling, Inc.Douglas Murray2017/09/02
Is Europe Choosing to Disappear?Giulio Meotti2017/04/04
Christian Clergy Welcomes Islam in Church, Then Bows to ItGiulio Meotti2017/01/04
Migrant Problems Still Threaten EuropeGeorge Igler2016/08/20
Could Italy Bring Down the Euro?Soeren Kern2016/07/14
Italy: "Fighting in the Name of Allah"Soeren Kern2013/07/09
Italy: "Mosques Springing Up like Mushrooms"Soeren Kern2012/04/02
Qatar Financing Wahhabi Islam in France, Italy, Ireland and SpainSoeren Kern2012/02/09
Italy's Mosque WarsSoeren Kern2012/02/03
Runaway Anti-Semitism Trampling ItalySoeren Kern2011/10/27
Italy: Berlusconi Still HereAndrea Loquenzi Holzer2009/07/01
Gaddafi in ItalyAnna Mahjar-Barducci2009/06/19
Why Italy is Staying Away from Durban IIAndrea Loquenzi Holzer2009/03/13
Sharia's Inroads in Europe - Italian Court: 'Beaten Up for "Her Own Good"'Olivier Guitta2009/03/05

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