The media often will not report what they do not want us to know. Here, from the past week, are just a few of Gatestone's offerings to help keep us aware:

Can New York University, Cambridge, other institutions of higher learning be bought for few million yuan? Bet you can't guess. Samuel Westrop reports on the largely unremarked-upon influx of Chinese cash into Western universities, with strings, chains, and shackles attached. For an upcoming conference at Cambridge, funded by China, academics were warned not to bring up the distasteful subject of those "irritating" human rights -– and members of China's intelligence service will, unbelievably, be briefed on British security practices.

It seems Hosni Mubarak was onto what the Muslim Brotherhood was up to. Raymond Ibrahim presents a pre-ouster interview with the former Egyptian president in which Mubarak prophetically warns that the Brotherhood exploits "democracy to eliminate democracy," and that, if it ever does govern, its dictatorship will not be pretty.

Khaled Abu Toameh asks the same question that seems to recur: Where are all the "pro-Palestinians," usually seen waving their moral outrage, now that Palestinians trying to flee death in Syria are being denied entry into Lebanon? Are Palestinians what the "pro-Palestinians" really care about? Really?

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