The media sometimes seems to twist or simply turn its back on trends and events that show what a dangerous world we are in. In case you missed our website this week, here are a few thoughts from Gatestone that look at what we are facing:

You might think that by arming ourselves, we are provoking adversaries to take us on, but as President Reagan said, "No one was ever attacked for being too strong." Peter Huessy asks, especially as we watch China, Russia, Iran and North Korea arm up: "Are We Willing to Defend Ourselves?"

Ali Salim looks at the fitna [chaos] in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen,Tunisia and the Sudan that is spilling into Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon and asks, "Who Should Clean Up the Mess?" "The West continually attempts to being order and democracy to the people of Islam," he notes; "we tend to forget this is not the West's job. We have to plant and water the tree of democracy with our own hands, independently," he says.

As the Palestinians withdraw from U.S. Secretary of State's new round of Middle East Peace Talks, possibly for fear of being branded traitors by their fellow Palestinians should they sign a deal with "Allah's enemies, the sins of pigs" [, April 17, 2013], Khaled Abu Toameh asks why, instead of forming an "Israel Affairs Committee" to persuade the Israelis to accept peace, the aren't forming a "Palestinian Affairs Committee" to persuaded the Palestinians to accept peace? "The Palestinian Authority's 'Israel Affairs Committee'"

Nina Rosenwald, President, Gatestone Institute

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