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Is the UK Overthrowing the Christian Basis of the West?Giulio Meotti2017/12/18
Jerusalem: An Opportunity for Islamic Reformation?Nonie Darwish2017/12/18
What Is Really to Blame for Palestinian Violence?Ruthie Blum2017/12/18
Austria: New Government to Resist "Islamization"Soeren Kern2017/12/17
Christians "Slaughtered Like Chicken"Raymond Ibrahim2017/12/17
Where Russian and Iranian Aircraft Carriers ClashAmir Taheri2017/12/17
Multiculturalists Working to Undermine Western CivilizationPhilip Carl Salzman2017/12/16
Jerusalem, Israel's Capital: Watch the Masks FallNajat AlSaied2017/12/15
Think the Alabama result has derailed Donald Trump? Think againJohn R. Bolton2017/12/15
How Many Muslims in Europe? Pew's Projections Fall ShortSoeren Kern2017/12/14
Palestinians: Arab Rulers are Traitors, CowardsKhaled Abu Toameh2017/12/14
Islamic Terrorism vs. Political CorrectnessA. Z. Mohamed2017/12/14
Islamic Extremism: Who is Purest of Them All?Giulio Meotti2017/12/13
Locked up in the Islamic Republic of IranDenis MacEoin2017/12/13
Jihad Festering in AmericaA. Z. Mohamed2017/12/13
Germany's Batty Plan to Deter MigrantsStefan Frank2017/12/12
"Eurosion": Muslim Majority in Thirty Years?Giulio Meotti2017/12/12
Trump's Jerusalem Declaration Long OverdueJohn R. Bolton2017/12/12
President Trump: The Courage to ActDouglas Murray2017/12/11
Firebombing Jewish Children in SwedenBruce Bawer2017/12/11
Bangladesh: Runaway Muslim Persecution of HindusMohshin Habib2017/12/11
Newsflash: Jerusalem Not on Fire!Bassam Tawil2017/12/10
Why Did Islamic State Kill So Many Sufis in Sinai?Denis MacEoin2017/12/10
The Mullahs Overplay the Military CardAmir Taheri2017/12/10
Welcome to the Hell Hole that is BrusselsDrieu Godefridi2017/12/09
Violence Should Not Determine PolicyAlan M. Dershowitz2017/12/08
Islamist Regimes Take Over UNESCOGiulio Meotti2017/12/08
The Real Palestinian Response to Trump's Jerusalem SpeechBassam Tawil2017/12/07
Homeless Swedes Out in the ColdBruce Bawer2017/12/07
Why Trump Is Right in Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's CapitalAlan M. Dershowitz2017/12/07
A Two State Solution for Europe?Judith Bergman2017/12/06
Turkey: Laundering Billions for IranBurak Bekdil2017/12/06
Is Saudi Arabia Key to America's Mideast Strategy?Peter Huessy2017/12/06
France: Islamism in the Heart of the StateYves Mamou2017/12/05
UK: Perversions of JusticeKhadija Khan2017/12/05
Religious Hate Crimes, USA.: Jews, Not Muslims, Still Key VictimsA. Z. Mohamed2017/12/05
Why Did Flynn Lie and Why Did Mueller Charge Him with Lying?Alan M. Dershowitz2017/12/05
Palestinians: More Missed OpportunitiesBassam Tawil2017/12/04
Erdogan: No Moderate IslamBurak Bekdil2017/12/04
Contrary to Media Reports, FBI Hate Crime Statistics Do Not Support Claims of Anti-Muslim BacklashJonathan S. Tobin2017/12/04
Europe's Migrant Crisis: Millions Still to ComeSoeren Kern2017/12/03
Preparing for Terrorist Attacks in GreeceMaria Polizoidou2017/12/03
Progress and History in ZigzagAmir Taheri2017/12/03
"I am not American," said the Islamist; "I am Muslim"Majid Rafizadeh2017/12/02
Pope's High-Risk Visit to South Asia: Opposition in Catholic HierarchyLawrence A. Franklin2017/12/01
The Axis of Moderation vs. the Axis of Resistance in the Middle EastNajat AlSaied2017/12/01
The Great Palestinian Shakedown: Have the Arabs Had Enough?Bassam Tawil2017/11/30
North Korea Ships Chemical Weapons to Syria: Nukes Next?Debalina Ghoshal2017/11/30
Turkey Rejects "Moderate Islam"Uzay Bulut2017/11/30
Germany: Surge in Migrant Attacks on PoliceSoeren Kern2017/11/29

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