Title Author Date
Mass Migration: "The Fatal Solvent of the EU"Giulio Meotti2018/07/16
France: A Second Jihad in the Bataclan?Guy Millière2018/07/15
Story of a Foiled Islamist Terrorist AttackMajid Rafizadeh2018/07/15
Why Khamenei Can't Do a Kim Jong-UnAmir Taheri2018/07/15
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Britain: June 2018Soeren Kern2018/07/14
The Relentless Radicalization of SwedenJudith Bergman2018/07/13
The SCOTUS Confirmation Process Has Gotten Out of HandAlan M. Dershowitz2018/07/13
Why Do Palestinian Leaders Oppose Helping Their People?Bassam Tawil2018/07/12
Ethiopia-Eritrea: A New Hope for PeaceAhmed Charai2018/07/12
Germany Outlaws Turkish Boxing GangSoeren Kern2018/07/11
France: Freeing ExtremistsYves Mamou2018/07/11
The UN Fraudulently Addresses "Extreme Poverty" in the United StatesFrancis Menton2018/07/10
"Jihad Allowance": Views of Work in the Middle EastNonie Darwish2018/07/10
UK Parliament: Little Interest in Grooming GangsAndrew Jones2018/07/09
Is Islam "Exceptional"?A. Z. Mohamed2018/07/09
International Community Ignores Genocide of Christians in NigeriaRaymond Ibrahim2018/07/08
Iran: The Ayatollah's Promised ParadiseAmir Taheri2018/07/08
The Abuse of Egypt's Coptic ChristiansSalim Mansur2018/07/07
Is Tariq Ramadan a Victim of French Justice?Anne-Elisabeth Moutet2018/07/06
Germany: 'Decapitating' Freedom of the Press?Stefan Frank2018/07/05
Hezbollah's Indefinite Presence in SyriaSirwan Kajjo2018/07/05
A Conversation with French Writer Renaud CamusGrégoire Canlorbe2018/07/05
Germany: Migration Deal Keeps Merkel in Power, For NowSoeren Kern2018/07/04
Indonesia: Falling to RadicalsLawrence A. Franklin2018/07/04
Fourth of July Message2018/07/04
Palestinians Beat Female Journalists; World "Sees No Evil"Bassam Tawil2018/07/03
Blasphemy Laws in PakistanA. Z. Mohamed2018/07/03
Europe: "The Vision is an Islamic State"Judith Bergman2018/07/02
Is Turkey Playing a Double Game with NATO?Debalina Ghoshal2018/07/02
Why Turkey Will Not Be Another IranAmir Taheri2018/07/02
Is Guilt Killing the West from Within?Giulio Meotti2018/07/01
The Bazaaris' Revolt in Iran: Who is Behind It?Amir Taheri2018/07/01
Why Britain's Deradicalization Programs Are FailingA. Z. Mohamed2018/06/30
The Netherlands Approves Burqa BanSoeren Kern2018/06/29
Replacing Justice Kennedy: What kind of Conservative Will President Trump Pick?Alan M. Dershowitz2018/06/29
What Prince William Did Not See in RamallahBassam Tawil2018/06/28
How Tehran Lobbyists Mislead Opinion in the WestAmir Taheri2018/06/28
European Terrorism: The 'Batman Syndrome'Giulio Meotti2018/06/27
Years after Genocide, Yazidis Urgently Need HelpUzay Bulut2018/06/27
Canada Supports, Infantilizes JihadisJudith Bergman2018/06/26
Turkey's Election: Stockholm Syndrome at Its WorstBurak Bekdil2018/06/26
Palestinians: The Only Acceptable Peace PlanBassam Tawil2018/06/25
Nuclear Deterrence: Adopting the Reagan ApproachMark B. Schneider and Peter Huessy2018/06/25
Bishop Graham Tomlin and the Demonization of IsraelDenis MacEoin2018/06/24
Iraq: The Banker, the Mullah, the Militia and the CookAmir Taheri2018/06/24
Spain: Ground Zero for Europe's Anti-Israel MovementSoeren Kern2018/06/23
Germany's Migrant Policy: Why Trump was RightVijeta Uniyal2018/06/22
Palestinians: How to Achieve a Better LifeBassam Tawil2018/06/21
A Canadian U-Turn on Iran?Tom Quiggin2018/06/21
Why Democracies Should Support Tough U.S. Iran PolicyJagdish N. Singh2018/06/21

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