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German Interior Minister: "Islam Does Not Belong to Germany"Soeren Kern2018/03/17
The New Palestinian Jihad to Obliterate IsraelBassam Tawil2018/03/16
The High Price of DenialDouglas Murray2018/03/15
Poland: Jihad in Asylum-Seekers' ClothingJan Wójcik2018/03/15
EU: More Censorship to "Protect" YouJudith Bergman2018/03/14
Fundamentalist Terrorists Benefit from "Fundamental Fairness"Sandra Parker2018/03/14
The Palestinian Peace PlanBassam Tawil2018/03/13
Turkish Diplomacy: Take HostagesUzay Bulut2018/03/13
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Britain: February 2018Soeren Kern2018/03/12
World Soccer Organization FIFA Turns Its Back on Iranian WomenRuthie Blum2018/03/12
Tyranny of ShamingNonie Darwish2018/03/11
Iran: The French Soufflé Fails to RiseAmir Taheri2018/03/11
What Is a "Refugee"? The Jews from Morocco versus the Palestinians from IsraelAlan M. Dershowitz2018/03/10
Is Greece about to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital?Maria Polizoidou2018/03/09
Britain's Massive Charity ScamGiulio Meotti2018/03/08
Palestinians: The Arabs Do Not Care about UsKhaled Abu Toameh2018/03/07
US: Muslim Calls for Murder IncreasingJudith Bergman2018/03/06
Do Western "Goodists" Really Care about Helping Syrians, Palestinians?Giulio Meotti2018/03/05
Trump the Deal-maker and the Middle EastAmir Taheri2018/03/04
Punished for Not Chanting "Death to America, Israel, Britain"Majid Rafizadeh2018/03/03
How the Left Became its Own Worst Enemy - Part IIDenis MacEoin2018/03/02
The Legal Case for Striking North Korea FirstJohn R. Bolton2018/03/02
Palestinians: The "Ugly Crime" of a School CurriculumBassam Tawil2018/03/01
Iran and Hezbollah's Terror in ArgentinaLawrence A. Franklin2018/03/01
Why Turkey Wants to Invade the Greek IslandsUzay Bulut2018/02/28
Europe's Telling Silence on Polish Anti-SemitismInna Rogatchi2018/02/28
How the Left Became its Own Worst Enemy – Part IDenis MacEoin2018/02/27
Palestinians: Israel is One Big SettlementBassam Tawil2018/02/26
"Don't Dare Sit with Us if You Want to Live"Raymond Ibrahim2018/02/25
Iraq: An Election of Conflicting InterestsAmir Taheri2018/02/25
Does Jihad Really Have "Nothing to do with Islam"?Denis MacEoin2018/02/24
#MeToo in the MosqueGiulio Meotti2018/02/23
Europe: The Rapid Spread of DhimmitudeJudith Bergman2018/02/22
Hamas: Turkey's Longtime LoveBurak Bekdil2018/02/22
Britain: The Hijab as the Entry Point for IslamKhadija Khan2018/02/21
UK: Max Hill, The Queen's Counsel for Political CorrectnessA. Z. Mohamed2018/02/21
Palestinians: Hamas and Fatah - United against TrumpKhaled Abu Toameh2018/02/20
Macron and Islam: "Appeasement and Dialogue"Yves Mamou2018/02/20
Germany: Meet Jens Spahn, Merkel's Possible SuccessorSoeren Kern2018/02/19
Turkey Threatens to Invade GreeceUzay Bulut2018/02/19
Thank God for the OlympicsGeert Wilders2018/02/18
Syria: Looking for Ways out of the MazeAmir Taheri2018/02/18
History Lessons from Years Under IslamismMajid Rafizadeh2018/02/17
Infidel Women: Spoils of WarRaymond Ibrahim2018/02/17
Islamic Anti-Semitism in France: Toward Ethnic CleansingGuy Millière2018/02/16
European Officials: Apologists for Arab-Islamic Repression, TerrorismGiulio Meotti2018/02/15
Turkey's "Peace Operations"Uzay Bulut2018/02/15
Western Feminists: Hijab HypocrisyKhadija Khan2018/02/15
Iran, Russia, and China's Central Role in the Venezuela CrisisJoseph M. Humire2018/02/14
Palestinians: Abbas's Lies and Falling MaskBassam Tawil2018/02/14

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