Writings by Paul Belien  (View Biography)

Title Date
Europe's "Decoy Jews"2010/06/24
Escaping the EU vs. "Evaporating" Belgium2010/06/22
The Euro Crisis: The Insolvent Bail Out The Bankrupt2010/05/05
The Euro Project's Knockout Flaw2010/04/21
The New Neutralism: US and EU Abandon the Swiss in Their Conflict With Libya2010/04/09
Germany Awakes: New Rules of the Game in Europe2010/03/25
The Euro: "We Give You Cash, You Give Us Corfu"2010/03/11
The Wilders Surge 2010/03/04
Europe Protects Terrorists 2010/03/01
Catch 22 in the EU2010/02/17
The EU's Horrible Honeymoon2010/02/08
Will the Euro Survive? 2010/01/28
Obamacare: The Patient Has No Option - Economic Euthanasia2010/01/19
European Governments' End Run Around the Law: Belgium Grants Amnesty to 50,000 "Individuals" Instead of Collective Amnesty. 2009/12/21
Switzerland: Last Bulwark Against The Judges2009/12/09
The UK vs. The EUSSR2009/12/02
EU President Appointed in Secret Meeting2009/11/20
Europe Dumps Democracy2009/11/19
Europe Dumps Democracy2009/11/05
Objections to Muslim and Homosexual Practices to be Unlawful in Europe - Media MIA2009/10/26
Germany: Death to Free Speech - Civil Courage vs. Uncomfortable Facts2009/10/20
Islam on Campus: Cartoonist Visits the Ivy League2009/10/13
Ireland, Friday, Signs Away Its Freedom?2009/09/29
Bad News from Europe: Nazi Methods in Court2009/01/22
A Wave of Violent Protest2009/01/21
Marx - In Germany2008/12/30
A Fatwah for Fitna2008/12/23
What To Watch In Europe2008/12/22
Turkey In Europe2008/11/21
Europe, the Missionaries' Battleground2008/11/07
Letter From Europe2008/10/30

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