Writings by Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

Title Date
Surrendering to Islamists in Bangladesh2011/03/28
Bangladesh: Supreme Court Seeks Opinion on Fatwas2011/03/12
Gaddafi Preparing To Flee2011/02/28
Sharia Brutality on a Raped Girl in Bangladesh2011/02/02
Bangladesh: Red-Alert for a Failing Government2011/01/25
Bangladesh: Breaking News2010/11/14
Bahrain's Repression of Women2010/11/10
Anti-Semitism In Europe2010/11/08
From the Qur'an2010/11/04
Sharia Advancing in the West Like a Snake in the Sleeve2010/10/20
A Muslim View Of Obama2010/08/18
Expansion of Sharia Banking in Bangladesh2010/08/16
Militants and Their Bases in Bangladesh2010/08/10
Koranic Interpretations Under Review2010/08/06
The Mosque at Ground Zero: Who Is Behind It?2010/07/30
Iran: Sakineh's Stoning, Beatings; Warrant for Her Lawyer's Arrest, and More...2010/07/29
Iran's Sakineh to Be Stoned Possibly Today2010/07/20
Obama Administration to Legitimize Hamas?2010/07/06
India: The Notorious Dr. Zakir Naik2010/07/02
Ground Zero Mosque: A Muslim View: Stop This Imam Now2010/07/01
Bangladesh: Jihadist Conglomerate Mounting "Islamic Revolution"2010/06/28
The Mosque at Ground Zero, a Muslim View: Planting a Flag on an Islamic Conquest2010/05/27
Spain & Co.: Who Teaches Anti-Semitism to Kids?2010/03/09
Iran: Offensives Against the Media 2010/02/26
Egyptian Journalists Under Attack2010/02/11
Hate Speech, Political Islam and the Madrassa2009/10/28
Another Side of Radical Islam2009/10/07
Situation in Bangladesh2009/09/30
Dirty Mullahs in Iran2009/09/28
Criminalizing Religion: Bad Things in Iran2009/08/27
What is Happening in Bangladesh?2009/08/14
Bangladesh: Hanged For Promoting Interfaith Harmony?2009/07/23
Bangladesh: Highlights of the Government's 180 Days2009/07/15
Taslima Nasrin Stopped From Returning Home2009/07/08
India and Bangladesh: "Courting the Muslim Vote-Bank"2009/07/08
Al Qaida In UAE2009/06/30
Bangladesh Militant Taliban Connection2009/06/29
Bangladesh Massacre: Killers Fleeing to Saudi Arabia2009/06/24
On Sharia Law2009/06/23
Shariah Marriage2009/06/12
Double Standard of Muslim Nations2009/04/09
British Link to Islamist Militancy Found in Bangladesh2009/04/06
Licensed to Terror - Bangladesh Style2009/03/25
Bangladesh: Militant's Taliban Connection2009/03/19
Letter from Shoaib2009/03/11
Muslim Justice2008/12/26

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