Libya's dictator, Muammar Al Gaddafi, in the last bid to save his 42-year reign, has assigned a few lobbyists in various countries to make desperate diplomatic efforts to "salvage" him and his loyalists from visible assassination in the ever-growing mass movement against his regime. According to various news sources, Libyan rebels are surrounding Tripoli, where Gaddafi and members of his family, along with hundreds of his loyalists, are continuing to study various strategies and tactics to somehow overrun the people's surge.

Meanwhile,one of the close aides and defense advisor of Gaddafi, the self-proclaimed killer of the founding father of Bangladesh, Colonel [dismissed] Khandekar Abdur Rashid, reportedly has been in command of a special contingent of pro-Gaddafi militias, which are engaged in the systematic and brutal murder of civilians within the Benghazi and Tripoli areas. With the imminent fall of Gaddafi, Rashid is reportedly planning to move to any of the Arab nations such as Iran or Palestine.

In Libya, hundreds of opposition fighters with tanks and truck-mounted anti-aircraft guns occupied the center of Zawiya, about 30 miles west of the capital, Tripoli, during the early hours of February 27. The tri-color flag of the former Libyan monarchy — now a symbol of revolution — flew from one of the bullet-riddled buildings in Zawiya. People chanted "Gaddafi out" and "Free, Free Libya." Many streets were blocked by palm tree trunks or metal barricades, and an effigy of the Libyan leader, with "Execute Gaddafi" emblazoned across its chest, hung from a light pole in the main square. According to the latest reports, the same group of opposition fighters have already occupied a major section of Bayda, just miles from Tripoli.

During early 1980s, Gaddafi gave a few hundred million dollars to Rashid to form a militant group in Bangladesh under the guise of a political party. The Freedom Party, which was headed by Rashid, recruited mostly known criminals and killers in Bangladesh with the objective of taking power through terrorism. Gaddafi also donated a significant amount of money to establish a newspaper,The Islamic Times, and a kindergarten school named Brother Gaddafi Kindergarten School, which was operated by Bangladesh-Libya Brotherhood Association, the purpose of which is to support, fund and patronize various forms of terrorism inside the country. Millions of dollars were spent on purchasing illegal weapons for the cadres of Freedom Party and pro-Gaddafi elements in Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh-Libya Friendship Association, as well as Libyan Embassy in Dhaka, were also actively working to recruit jihadists from Bangladesh to deploy in Afghanistan, Palestine and other territories, for anti-US, anti-West and anti-Semitic activities.

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