Nonie Darwish

Nonie Darwish, a Middle East scholar, is Director of Former Muslims United and author of Cruel and Usual Punishment.

Writings by Nonie Darwish  (View Biography)

Title Date
Does Turkey Belong in the Future of NATO?2018/08/15
"Jihad Allowance": Views of Work in the Middle East2018/07/10
Tyranny of Shaming2018/03/11
The Terrorism Jobs Program: Pampering the Palestinians Must End2018/01/16
Jerusalem: An Opportunity for Islamic Reformation?2017/12/18
The Expanding Umbrella of Anti-Semitism2017/11/24
The Old Arab Fear Tactic That Came to Washington2017/10/17
Afghanistan: How We See It vs. How They See It2017/08/29
Is the State Department Buying Arab Propaganda?2017/08/09
The Islamic View of "Feminism"2017/07/13
What Sharia Prescribes: Same as the Ten Commandments?2017/06/25
Accept Islamic Terror as the New Normal?2017/06/04
Urgent Messages to the Muslim World2017/03/22
On Defining Religion2017/02/12
On Boycotting Radical Islamic Nations2017/01/31
New Year Speech to the Muslim World2017/01/01
What About the Cultural Imbalance?2016/11/29
America's "Arab Spring"2016/11/03
Faked Outrage in the Middle East2013/07/18
The Problem at the Heart of Egypt's Revolutions2013/07/09
The Nice Muslim Family Next Door2013/04/22
Courage? The State Department?2013/03/13
"If They [Muslims] Had Gotten Rid of the Punishment for Apostasy, Islam Would Not Exist Today"2013/02/05
Using Children as Weapons2012/12/20
What Egyptians Are Afraid to Know2012/12/12
Slaughtering America's Golden Goose2012/12/05
The Islamists' Need to Feel Wronged2012/11/01
The Benghazi Scandal2012/10/29
New Threats to Free Speech2012/10/15
Egyptian Tears Up the Quran on Camera2012/08/20
Advocating Socialism While Denying You Are Socialist2011/10/03
Former Muslims Need Urgent Protection from the U.S. Government and Courts2009/08/28

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