Tarek Heggy

Tarek Heggy : Visiting Professor at several world-class universities; barrister-at-law before the Supreme Court of Egypt; Former Chairman & CEO of Shell Oil Companies in the Major-resource holders; 2008 winner of the Italian cultural prize Grinzane Cavour;Author of 19 books in Arabic (ten of which have been translated into English, French & Italian); Co-Founder of the Chair of Coptic Studies at The American University in Cairo and of "Tarek Heggy's Scholarship in Jewish Studies" at the University of Toronto.

Formerly : member of the advisory Board of the RAND Organization "Centre for Middle East Public Policy" of the initiative for Middle Eastern Youth (IMEY); member of the Advisory Board of Just Journalism (UK);Member of Egypt Supreme Culture Council (Management Sciences Committee); Board member of The Egyptian Society for Historic Studies; member of the board of trustees of the MSA University (Cairo, Egypt); Member of the board of The Faculty of Economics and Political Science of Cairo University; Member of the board of The Middle East Research Centre of Ain Shams University (Cairo); Vice President of The Arab Management Society; Member of Egypt Writers Association; Chairman of Heliopolis Library; From 1973 till 1979: Asst. Professor at Constantine University/Algeria and The University of Fes/Morocco.

Writings by Tarek Heggy  (View Biography)

Title Date
Where is the Evidence?2012/07/25
The Holders of Absolute Truth2012/07/19
Political Islam Threat to Diversity?2012/07/17
Thoughts on the Muslim Mind2012/07/13
Egypt: What Happened?2012/07/02
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: Personal, to Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton2012/06/25
Egypt's Revolution: What Happened?2011/06/01
Placing the Arab Revolutions in Context2011/05/18
Ten Random Observations2011/05/16
The Reality of the Muslim Brotherhood2011/02/11
Comment on What Happened2011/02/01
Three Interlinked Arab Problems2010/08/26
Militant Islam: Questions for the West2010/06/03
The Proliferation of the Radical Jinni2009/11/23
Egypt: If I Were a Copt2009/08/18
Islam Today: Interpretations of Islam2009/05/26

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