Obama - asleep at the wheel? Or possibly wide awake?

Reader comment on: U.S. Becomes Chief Enabler of Christian Persecution

Submitted by Eamonn Gavin, Jun 14, 2014 08:34

As I write this (1.15pm where I am in Dublin, Ireland - 8.15 am ET in the USA), the Islamist terrorists are only a few short miles from Baghdad. They are beheading any Iraqi government personnel they find, and they have said they are on their way to conquer Baghdad. And then, what next? The United States embassy in Baghdad will soon be under threat - shades of Benghazi. And where is President (God Help Us!!!) Obama and his sidekick John Kerry. President Obama is on his way to Palm Springs for a golfing weekend, after saying that he is going to then have a chat with his mates about what to do in Iraq. Did this take him by surprise? Seriously? Even I knew it was coming!! Meanwhile Kerry is reading poetry in London!!

Is President Obama asleep at the wheel? I don't think so. I have said for a few years now that President Obama knows very well what he is doing. And what is he doing? He is in the process of delivering up, bit by bit, piece by piece, more and more territory to the Islamist terrorists, in furtherance of their building an Islamic Caliphate. If left to grow and fester, this caliphate will expand into more and more of Africa, then Europe, and then, God help us, into the United States. Do I hear somebody say "not a chance"? Well, with President Obama wide awake at the wheel and steering the vehicle, it is definitely a possible/probable scenario.

Please wake up, America. You are the last hope for Western Civilization. Thank you for all you have done in the past, but now is when the rest of the world is depending most on you. Yes, I know it is asking a lot of your young (and older) men and women - too much, perhaps - but you are the only hope.

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