Civilian death in Gaza

Reader comment on: Hamas' Phony Statistics on Civilian Deaths

Submitted by Aterggwanyik, Aug 7, 2014 18:32

They lie, and lie always, since that is not a sin if it serves their purpose. No question in every war there are unfortunate civilians killed.
But the combatants of Hamas hide behind their women and children and old people. They are cowards to fight as soldiers do, thinking the west would not attack them. But even then most of the people were combatants who died. Yes, I feel terrible for every death either side of the war, as do most decent people. Unlike those celebrating and dancing and chanting how great is their Alah is ( example 9/11), where so many innocent civilians were killed. I cannot understand a mentality so brainwashed for the love of destruction and death and hate, instead of love, empathy and celebration of life that our Almighty has given us .The only life to accomplish and build for the benefit of all living beings. Respect for everyone is not in their laws . This is not only a moral and ethical issue, but an early indoctrination of a dogma of barbarism an atavism, just as Churchill said it in his 1999 speech. Only death and killings is their resolution for everything. Israel take notice, a death sentence was decreed on all Jews and others who are able to think otherwise. We in the West have to open our eyes to the true dangers to democracy and free speech. Israel has the right to exist in peace and harmony with its neighbors.

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