Obamas Last Act Of Treachery or Is There More To Come?

Reader comment on: UN, Obama Further Radicalize Palestinians

Submitted by Jeff Page, Dec 29, 2016 07:08

Talk about giving the green light to the Palestinians! John Kerry did more harm than good with his condescending speech. This is the act of a president who sees the Islamic world as the saviour of mankind instead of the demonic pseudo religion it proposes to be. The end result will be all out war between the Palestinians and the Israelis! I know who's side I'll be on! And it won't be the Muslim killers that will wage war on innocent people just because they will take Kerry's comments as permission to attack all Jews.

So much for the political process. This seems to be the way of the world lately. All over Europe the Jews are being targeted unfairly and many have left for safer places. It's the politicians who are doing this in order to create a climate of fear so that they will be able to curb peoples freedoms and pretend it's because of security reasons. In fact, what it means is that no citizen anywhere in the world will be able to confront, oppose, or criticise Islam without fear of being arrested for what they now deem to be a "hate crime"!

It once again looks as though the rise of an intolerant culture is dictating terms to governments by the use of fear and terrorism. Instead of fighting it, they use the Jews as scapegoats just as Hitler did 7 decades ago. At that time alliances were made to stop this megalomaniac, but now we see the very same thing happening, but this time it involves Muslims, and most governments seem happy to just give into the demands and happily use the Jews as pawns in their devious games. By the announcement made by Kerry on behalf of the US, the Jews will be directly in the firing line again!

But we all know that the Israelis aren't as cowardly as our own politicians and will fight to the last child to protect what they have. Considering what they have suffered, I'll support them! At least we'll see what a real government is prepared to do to protect their people, unlike what we see and experience from our own cowardly deviants!

The Palestinians will never negotiate, they will never accept the Israelis no matter whether they gave up their building on "occupied" land. The Palestinians want to kill every single Jew. I think we will shortly see an escalation of violence and more attacks will now be rained down upon the Israelis, and they will obviously retaliate with even more force! Well done Obama and your pet terrier Kerry, you've managed to start a fight!!!!

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