French Ambassadors and Who they Represent

Reader comment on: French Ambassadors Declare War on Israel

Submitted by Juanita Skelton, Jan 12, 2017 09:56

This is such a necessary article.
It seems, once again a Vichy state exists in France. The French CITIZENS essentially have NO INTERNATIONAL FRENCH AMBASSADORIAL REPRESENTATION!
Once again, if and when the squeeze of the Caliphate (that is already operating in France) starts to abraid this wonderful, unigue, French nation of PEOPLE, all free allies will have to RESCUE them.
Any wrong-headed French leadership that has literally been bought by Arab oil pressure, will be exposed.
ANY NATION that signs any document to initiate sanctions against Israel under the present FALSEHOODS will surely also come under the Caliphate "sword" eventually, and have to be rescued.
The problem will be one of "whom do we rescue first?"! The obvious answer will have to be THOSE nations, large or small, who bravely chose to refuse to hurt Israel when all the rest wanted "favor" and the absence of invasion from terror attacks.
The truth, both painful and ugly, is that it is a preferred HONOR and PRIVILEGE by FREEDOM-LOVING, DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE to be attacked by liars, haters of Life, itself, and the drug-induced "heroic mujahideen"/foot soldiers for the oil Barons. It is a sign of resistance to the Caliphate.
Maybe, here in America we need to KNOW "why?" we are SO SUCCESSFUL at preventing the same type of attacks on our own soil: are we truly MORE prepared?...or has someone sold our nation into caliphate slavery?
It is seemingly a cynical, suspicious, frightful, analytical necessity to have to discern, I rightfully admit. But, in these days of duplicitous foreign affairs, who can afford NOT to dissect our foreign affairs?...if only to prevent another Benghazi, Somalia, Sudan, Beslan, 9/11, Riyhadd, Pearl Harbor, Auschwitz, Treblinka, Ahbu-Ghraib, Desert Storm, Nagasaki, and Hiroshima?
Forgive me my cynicism, my concern for my nation and my ignorance.

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