Creeping Sharia

Reader comment on: Converting Denmark into a Muslim Country

Submitted by Valhalla, Nov 21, 2012 09:39

The Danish people are finding out too late what was very obvious to those looking on: they have allowed themselves to be invaded and colonised by Islam, and these Muslims have no intention of ever assimilating. They can't, as their first and only allegiance is to Islam. Migration is the problem allowing too many, as Abdul is allowed four wives. He sets them up in their own homes; they collect single mothers payments; have six to nine children each; and they all bludge on the social security. They have it made. England doesn't allow polygamy but recognises and pays for this practice.

They are starting to show their true colours, as they have the numbers in the Danish Parliament and allow their Eid celebrations; their cruel, inhumane slaughter of the animals and denying Christmas to the Danes. How did they not see this coming? The same is happening in England, France, and Germany: this is creeping Sharia. The rate they are coming into our country - Australia -is by the hundreds. This is weekly, mainly from Islamic countries. We will soon be in the same position if out migrant vote seeking government doesn't wake up. Money is being taken from our poor and homeless to give to these bludgers, who turn on us once they get a job and home.

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