Victory for Infidels

Reader comment on: London Rejects Plan for Mega-Mosque
in response to reader comment: No more mosques

Submitted by Valhalla, Dec 11, 2012 17:30

The rejection for the mega mosque is a smack in the face to Islam. Great news, as we know wherever mosques are built that it is another victory for Sharia and Islam. There is of course the usual tantrums and-threats because they didn't get their way.

These mosques are where people are indoctrinated with hatred and distrust of everything that is not of Islam by their imams and clerics. But of course they will appeal the decision. I hope the council remains firm in it's decision; if not, it will be the end of England. The day Sharia is allowed to co-exist with with the laws of any country is the beginning of the end for that country and culture.

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