Moslems are complaining?

Reader comment on: Muslims Angry Over Spanish Citizenship for Jews

Submitted by Michael, Dec 21, 2012 12:57

The Moslem claim for reciprocity seems ironic to me in view of the fact that they came to Spain as conquerers, fully intending to colonize and rule there forever. They are now complaining that because they were repulsed and driven out, they somehow are deserving of either compensation or of becoming citizens. Their original intent, dominating others in the name of Islam, has not moderated one bit. In contrast, the Jews in Spain came there as refugees, seeking only safety, with no intent of anything except living in peace. Jews have been model subjects and citizens, if not good Christians, for their entire history in Spain and elsewhere.

Vis a vis the Jews, the Spanish are correcting an egregious historical injustice in restoring citizenship to them. Vis a vis the Moslems, the Spanish liberated themselves of an occupier, who now whine about unfair treatment in favor of the Jews because they cannot (yet) proceed with their occupation and subjugation of Spain. And let's not even look at how Moslems themselves treat displaced and occupied people everywhere they prevail.

Chutzpah, that's the word.

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