The more Islamists seem to change, the more they are the same.

Reader comment on: Erdogan: "The Image of the Jews Is No Different from that of the Nazis"

Submitted by Jayson Rex, Feb 11, 2013 05:46

Erdogan is just another Islamist. And Turkey, having freely elected him, bears the responsibility for his words and actions, and for the outcome of his peculiar ideology. Since NATO will have to be soon replaced by the EAF (European Armed Forces), Turkey will be left out in the cold, catering to Islamic nations rather than to Western ones.

Kemal Ataturk had a dream that demented Islamists like Erdogan & Co. are trying to liquidate once and for all. The West should accept this reality, rather than whitewash it, and then act accordingly. Finally, the War of Civilizations has been raging for a long, long time. The U.S., Canada, and Europe should formalize this fact and proceed to defend its people against the Islamic menace. Appeasers and apologists should not be part of the Western nations' body politic unless the civilized world is ready to face a real Armageddon with all its consequences.

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