Writings by Samuel Westrop  (View Biography)

Title Date
American Islamists Turn to Ankara2017/09/21
Silicon Valley Censorship2017/07/26
Islamic Relief Fails a Whitewash2017/07/03
American Islam's Most Extreme Conference2017/05/18
UK: Another Massive Charity Commission Whitewash2016/12/04
Massachusetts Islamism2016/04/04
Who Actually Represents American Muslims?2016/01/07
The New Racists: David Miller, Hilary Aked, Kevin MacDonald?2015/10/12
UK: Extremists in the Heart of Government2015/08/14
Britain: The "Struggle of Our Generation"2015/08/10
Islamism: Blaming the West2015/07/11
Britain's Political Extremists2015/07/06
Extremism and Censorship2015/07/01
George Galloway's Next Stop?2015/06/23
Europe's Intolerable "Tolerance"2015/06/18
Legitimizing the Groups that Hate You2015/05/18
How to Radicalize an Entire London Borough2015/05/05
Counter-Extremism and the 2015 British Elections2015/05/01
The Moderate Muslim Stands Alone2015/04/26
UK: Some Faiths are More Equal than Others2015/03/19
Britain Funding Separateness, Not Integration2015/03/05
British Lawmakers Blind to Iranian Ambition2015/02/23
UK: Isolating Britain's Phony Moderates2015/02/02
The Muslim Brotherhood Inquiry: What's Happening?2015/01/23
Are British Salafists Gaming the System?2015/01/16
UK: Hamas-linked Interpal Enjoys Mainstream Support2014/12/15
UK: Britain's Terror Addiction2014/12/04
UK Salafist Group Linked to British ISIS Fighters2014/11/19
The Church of England Chooses Extremist Islam2014/11/14
UK: New Charity Commission Powers Fall Short2014/11/10
UK: Iran Lobbies against Sanctions2014/10/21
The New "Moderates": ISIS Fig Leaf for Other Extremists2014/10/03
UK: More Taxpayer Funds Go to Extremist Charities2014/09/22
Britain's Hamas Appeal2014/09/10
UK: Iran Looking to Recruit British Shi'ite Jihadists2014/09/03
Britain's "Murky Anti-Semitic Subculture"2014/08/15
UK: HSBC Shuts Down Islamist Bank Accounts2014/08/02
Grooming Jihadists2014/07/28
Four Ways to Fight Extremism in Britain2014/07/08
UK: Fundamentalist Fun and Games2014/07/03
UK: Extremist Chaplains and Prison Radicalization2014/06/16
Baroness Nicholson and Iran's Iraq2014/06/02
"Humanitarian" Extremism: Aid Convoys under the Spotlight2014/05/06
UK: Multiculturalism vs. Islamism2014/04/18
UK: Jihadists as "Charity Workers"2014/04/10
From Radical to Terrorist2014/03/11
Academia Legitimizes Extremist Speakers2014/02/19
UK Charity Commission Fails to Regulate Extremist Charities2014/01/09
London "Peace" Festival Organized by Terrorism Advocates2014/01/05
Human Rights Gets It Wrong2013/12/26
Exploiting Press Reform2013/12/11
BBC Plugs Jihadi Charities2013/12/04
UK: The Interfaith Industry2013/11/13
UK Politicians Collaborate with Muslim Brotherhood Islamists?2013/11/07
Beyond the Veil2013/10/17
UK Charity Commission Permits Hamas Charity2013/10/04
Iran's Disinformation War2013/09/23
Legitimizing Israel's Destruction2013/09/04
China Buys Academia2013/08/15
How the EU Empowers Hezbollah's "Military Wing"2013/08/08
Freedom to Criticize2013/08/06
Deserting the Moderates: The Dilution of Human Rights2013/07/10
UK Funds Terror Connections: Islamic Relief Worldwide2013/07/03
Britain's Fascism Complex2013/06/26
Prominent British Charity "Linked to Hamas"2013/06/17
The Other Battlefront: The Propaganda War2013/06/14
The "Moderates" of Woolwich2013/05/29
Scottish Universities Hotbeds of Anti-Jewish Sentiment2013/05/15
Blaming America2013/05/10
Britain's Arabists2013/05/02
Eye Gouging and Paralyzing: Saudi Arabia's Tribal Justice2013/04/30
European Union Spending Millions to Silence Critics2013/04/25
Saudi Arabia and Qatar's Idea of "Aid"2013/04/04
Scottish Government Funds Pro-Terror Group2013/03/26
The Media Imperialists2013/03/20
Extreme Islamist Group Denies "Hate Preaching"2013/03/14
Britain's Comic Relief Charity Event Provides for Extremist Groups2013/03/12
Britain Legitimizes, Funds Terrorist Movement2013/03/05
UK Charity Commission Whitewashes Questionable Charities2013/02/15
Erdogan: "The Image of the Jews Is No Different from that of the Nazis"2013/02/11
Supporting our Own Demise: Part 12013/01/07
UK Textbook Wipes Israel Off the Map2013/01/03
UK: Free Press Under Threat2012/12/19
Britain's NHS: Not So Healthy2012/12/06
Providing a Platform for Terror2012/11/29
The Real Islamophobia2012/10/29

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