Writings by Topic: Turkey

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Why Are Islamists Claiming Non-Muslim Land?Uzay Bulut2023/12/06
Why Erdoğan Wants a UN Seat for MuslimsBurak Bekdil2023/11/14
Jihad on Israel: Where Does Turkey Stand?Burak Bekdil2023/10/10
Putin's Man in Ankara: ErdoğanBurak Bekdil2023/10/04
Turkey: An Air Force Without WingsBurak Bekdil2023/09/22
Erdoğan: Willing Hostage to Putin's Anti-West DoctrineBurak Bekdil2023/09/07
Erdoğan's Most Eminent Men: Turkey's New SpymastersBurak Bekdil2023/07/21
Is Erdoğan Hoping to Bring 84 Million Turks into Europe?Burak Bekdil2023/07/14
Brace for Another Tumultuous Five Years with ErdoğanBurak Bekdil2023/05/31
Turkey: What Would Father Say?Amir Taheri2023/05/28
How The West Sanctions Enemies: Floods Them with RewardsBurak Bekdil2023/05/24
Turkey's Elections: Nationalist Identity Politics Wins Out Over MiseryBurak Bekdil2023/05/23
Turkey's Hizbullah Terrorists: Erdoğan's New AllyBurak Bekdil2023/05/09
Thousands of Political Prisoners are Rotting in Turkish JailsUzay Bulut2023/04/29
Christians Continue to be Purged: Armenian Genocide Remembrance DayRaymond Ibrahim2023/04/24
Turkey: The Abandoned Iraqi and Syrian Christian Asylum SeekersUzay Bulut2023/04/21
Türkiye: Waiting for SpringAmir Taheri2023/04/09
Turkey: A Belated Farewell to Erdoğan?Burak Bekdil2023/03/30
Turkey: Missing Children from Earthquakes Risk Human Trafficking, Organ Harvesting, Sexual AbuseUzay Bulut2023/03/29
Disasters in TurkeyBurak Bekdil2023/03/24
Turkey: Islamist Sex with Children Is Fine; Condemning It Is an OffenseBurak Bekdil2023/03/02
Earthquake Unveils Turkey's Many Ugly FacesBurak Bekdil2023/02/24
Erdoğan's Turkey: NATO's Trojan Horse MomentBurak Bekdil2023/02/03
The Endangered Assyrians and the Language of Jesus Seek International SupportUzay Bulut2023/02/02
Turkey's Elections Are Not Just Turkey'sBurak Bekdil2023/01/26
Turkey: Putin's Open Door for Harming Western InterestsBurak Bekdil2023/01/20
Turkey Closing Second-Largest Opposition Party?Uzay Bulut2023/01/17
Turkey's 'Crimes against Humanity' and Illegal Occupation of CyprusUzay Bulut2023/01/04
Turkish 'Progress': Six-Year-Old Girl Married by Her Sheik FatherBurak Bekdil2022/12/30
Turkey Crushes Human Rights at Home, Complains About 'Discrimination' in EuropeUzay Bulut2022/12/23
Turkey and Israel: 'On' Again, Only to Be 'Off' AgainBurak Bekdil2022/12/08
The Russian-Turkish Bond to Harm the WestBurak Bekdil2022/11/18
Turkey Using Chemical Weapons Against the Kurds?Uzay Bulut2022/11/09
Turkey: A NATO Ally?Burak Bekdil2022/10/28
The Putin Pawns in the NATO Alliance? How the West Emboldens Erdoğan's AggressionBurak Bekdil2022/10/25
ISIS Terrorists Living in Turkey - with Yazidi CaptivesUzay Bulut2022/10/21
Cyprus's 'State of Emergency': Turkey's 'Weaponization' of Illegal Mass MigrationUzay Bulut2022/10/05
Erdogan Threatens GreeceUzay Bulut2022/09/29
'Europe Should Be Grateful to Erdoğan'Burak Bekdil2022/09/23
Turkey and Israel: Dating with HateBurak Bekdil2022/09/21
Turkey: What Is the Real Terrorist Threat?Burak Bekdil2022/09/05
Hamas in Turkey: Money Laundering, Turkish Passports, Government Collusion and Terror Bank AccountsUzay Bulut2022/09/01
Congress Holds the Key to the Balance of Airpower between Turkey and GreeceBurak Bekdil2022/08/25
Turkey Accuses Sweden, Finland of 'Supporting Terrorism', Meanwhile Releases Turkish Hizbullah Terrorists from PrisonUzay Bulut2022/08/24
Turkey and the German DreamAmir Taheri2022/08/21
Turkey: Torture Has Reached "Unprecedented Levels"Uzay Bulut2022/07/27
NATO Family Picture in Madrid: This Will Not Be Erdoğan's Last BlackmailBurak Bekdil2022/07/07
Turkey: Erdoğan Fishing for Trouble in the Aegean Sea - AgainBurak Bekdil2022/07/05
Turkey: Jihad against CyprusUzay Bulut2022/06/28
Turkey Targeting Iraq, Syria, Cyprus, GreeceUzay Bulut2022/06/10
NATO Should NOT Pay Ransom to Turkey; Instead, Should Amend Rules to Expel ItBurak Bekdil2022/06/05
Turkey, Terrorists and NATOUzay Bulut2022/06/02
How The Biden Administration Is Getting Erdoğan's Moves All WrongBurak Bekdil2022/05/26
Why Erdoğan's NATO Blackmail Is SubversionBurak Bekdil2022/05/18
Turkey: Kurdish Children Killed, No ConsequencesUzay Bulut2022/04/15
Turkey: Beware of Islamists Bearing GiftsBurak Bekdil2022/04/10
Turkey: What Happens When You Have No Freedom of SpeechUzay Bulut2022/04/08
Iran's Long Arm in Turkey, Turkey's Fake "Peace"Burak Bekdil2022/03/20
Turkey: Occupies Northern Cyprus, Goes for the RestUzay Bulut2022/03/11
Turkey Committing War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity – AgainUzay Bulut2022/03/07
Erdoğan, in Trouble at Home, Fishing for Trouble in the AegeanBurak Bekdil2022/03/05
Biden's Political Myopia Endangering Europe: Allow the EastMed PipelineBurak Bekdil2022/02/28
Why Is Democratic Biden Rescuing Autocratic Erdoğan at the Expense of U.S. Allies?Burak Bekdil2022/02/24
Biden Administration Kills Israel-to-Europe Gas PipelineSoeren Kern2022/02/15
Istanbul's Mayor: Erdoğan's Worst NightmareBurak Bekdil2022/01/29
Erdoğan's Neo-Ottoman Ambitions Turning EastwardBurak Bekdil2022/01/28
Turkey: Erdoğan's Hoax Charm OffensiveBurak Bekdil2022/01/27
Torture in Turkish Prisons: Systematic and WidespreadUzay Bulut2022/01/10
Poverty, Economic Turmoil Shaking Erdoğan's ThroneBurak Bekdil2021/12/14
Biden's Two-Faced Agenda on TurkeyBurak Bekdil2021/12/03
Who Are the Extremist 'Grey Wolves'?Uzay Bulut2021/11/29
Erdoğan's Quest for a New Sharia-Based AllianceBurak Bekdil2021/11/12
Turkey: Drifting Further into Russian OrbitBurak Bekdil2021/11/09
Greek-U.S.-French Pact Is a Deterrent to Turkish AggressionBurak Bekdil2021/10/29
Turkey's Airstrikes in Syria, IraqUzay Bulut2021/10/08
Turkey: NATO's Pro-Russian, Taliban-Friendly AllyBurak Bekdil2021/09/24
Erdogan's Plans for the Future of Afghanistan: China, Russia and TerroristsBurak Bekdil2021/09/06
Turkey: How the Sultan's Ivy League School Axed a ProfessorBurak Bekdil2021/08/24
From Biden to the Taliban with LoveBurak Bekdil2021/08/17
Turkey and the West: Drifting Further ApartBurak Bekdil2021/08/06
Turkey: Arbitrary Arrests, Kidnappings, Torture in PrisonUzay Bulut2021/08/01
How Erdoğan's Miscalculation Crippled Turkey's Aerial FirepowerBurak Bekdil2021/07/05
A Mobster and Turkey's Arms Shipments to JihadisBurak Bekdil2021/07/03
Germany's Largest Right-Wing Extremist Group is Turkish, not GermanSoeren Kern2021/06/22
Turkey's Erdogan Whips Up AntisemitismUzay Bulut2021/06/10
Turkey's Collateral Damage: Its JewsBurak Bekdil2021/05/29
Turkish Anti-Semites Celebrate Rockets against IsraelUzay Bulut2021/05/20
The "We-Must-Hate-Israel" Season Re-Opens in TurkeyBurak Bekdil2021/05/19
Turkey: How Erdogan's Pledge for Reform Collapsed in Five MonthsBurak Bekdil2021/04/29
The Armenian Genocide Forges OnRaymond Ibrahim2021/04/24
Turkey: Erdoğan's Biggest Political RivalBurak Bekdil2021/04/21
Turkey: Iranian-Kurdish Political Refugee to be DeportedUzay Bulut2021/04/19
What Makes Erdogan Tick?Burak Bekdil2021/04/11
Arabs' Real Enemies: Iran and TurkeyKhaled Abu Toameh2021/04/05
Erdoganistan: The New Islamic Superpower?Giulio Meotti2021/03/28
Biden Needs to Handle the Turkey Dossier with Utmost CareBurak Bekdil2021/03/17
Turkey: Erdoğan's War on PeaceBurak Bekdil2021/03/11
Iraq: Turkey Set to Attack the Yazidis?Uzay Bulut2021/03/08
Turkey Ravages CyprusUzay Bulut2021/02/21
Turkish Reforms: From Imperial Repression to Thuggish StateBurak Bekdil2021/02/11
Turkey and Greece: Still More Peace TalksBurak Bekdil2021/01/27
Turkey: Elderly Christian Man Still Missing Year LaterUzay Bulut2021/01/24
Turkey-Israel Reconciliation?Uzay Bulut2021/01/14
Turkey and Israel: Premature Optimism for NormalizationBurak Bekdil2021/01/06
Turkey: Turks Celebrate Nazi SympathizerUzay Bulut2020/12/31
Turkey: From Europe With LoveBurak Bekdil2020/12/26
Turkey: Legitimizing Extremist ViolenceBurak Bekdil2020/12/08
Turkey: Erdogan Threatens EuropeUzay Bulut2020/12/07
Erdoğan's New Charm Offensive: Bogus Democratic ReformsBurak Bekdil2020/12/05
Caucasus: Clash of Imperial DreamsAmir Taheri2020/11/22
Turkey: The Return of DemonsAmir Taheri2020/11/08
Erdoğan's Jihad on "Infidel Europe"Burak Bekdil2020/11/07
The Real Enemy of IslamKhaled Abu Toameh2020/11/03
Turkey Glorifies Historic CrimesUzay Bulut2020/11/03
Turkey: The Dark Side of Religious SectsBurak Bekdil2020/10/20
Erdogan Declares War on ArabsKhaled Abu Toameh2020/10/16
Turkey: Erdogan Fueling Hostility Against the WestUzay Bulut2020/10/13
Fighting in the Caucasus: Erdogan's Ottoman AmbitionsCon Coughlin2020/10/09
A Fifth War Won't Do Turkey Any GoodBurak Bekdil2020/10/05
Erdogan's Plan to Take Over the Palestinian AuthorityKhaled Abu Toameh2020/10/02
The Dangerous New Iran-Qatar-Turkey-Hamas AllianceKhaled Abu Toameh2020/09/28
Turkey: Erdoğan's Soft Spot for HamasBurak Bekdil2020/09/23
Turkey's 'Filthy War' Against Syria, LibyaKhaled Abu Toameh2020/09/08
Will Gas Discovery Change Turkey's Political Course?Burak Bekdil2020/09/03
Turkey's Hostility to Israel-UAE Peace AccordUzay Bulut2020/08/27
Arabs and Muslims to Turkey's Erdogan: "Why Don't You Protest Against Yourself?"Khaled Abu Toameh2020/08/25
Are Turkey and Greece Heading for War?Uzay Bulut2020/08/25
Erdoğan Needs New EnemiesBurak Bekdil2020/08/22
Turkey's Brain Drain: Why Youths See No Future ThereBurak Bekdil2020/08/01
Turkey on the WarpathUzay Bulut2020/07/27
Hagia Sophia and Turkey's SupremacismBurak Bekdil2020/07/14
Turkey's Hagia Sophia: "It's Like If Saint Peter's Had Been Turned Into a Mosque"Giulio Meotti2020/07/12
Turkey Deporting Protestant ChristiansUzay Bulut2020/07/05
Iraq: Turkish Airstrikes Terrorize Christian and Yazidi NativesUzay Bulut2020/06/28
Turkey: Erdoğan Wishes "Many More Happy Conquests"Burak Bekdil2020/06/20
"You Are Finished!": Turkey's Growing War on ChristiansRaymond Ibrahim2020/06/07
Palestinians in Turkey: What Erdogan Says vs. What Erdogan DoesKhaled Abu Toameh2020/06/05
Erdoğan's Libya Campaign: Another Neo-Ottoman DesignBurak Bekdil2020/06/03
Turkey: Where Criticizing Islam Can Land You in PrisonUzay Bulut2020/06/02
Turkey: Erdogan's "Leftovers of the Sword"Uzay Bulut2020/05/13
Turkish 'Justice': Free Mobsters, Keep Dissidents Locked UpBurak Bekdil2020/05/12
Death on a Hunger Strike Unmasks a Hate-Filled TurkeyBurak Bekdil2020/05/05
Turkey: Erdoğan Is Getting Coronavirus Dancing to His TuneBurak Bekdil2020/04/23
Why Is Turkey Embracing Hamas?Khaled Abu Toameh2020/04/17
Turkey: Erdoğan's Post-Corona, Existential Economic ChallengeBurak Bekdil2020/04/15
Coronavirus in Turkey: Government Targets DoctorsSezen Şahin2020/04/08
Turkey: Pressures, Attacks, and Discrimination against ChristiansUzay Bulut2020/03/29
Turkey: Violence against Women Continues to EscalateBurak Bekdil2020/03/24
European Union: Closing the Borders?John Richardson2020/03/14
Europe Must Not Fall Victim to Erdoğan's BlackmailBurak Bekdil2020/03/06
Erdogan's Attempts to Blackmail Europe are Doomed to FailCon Coughlin2020/03/05
Are Turkish Cypriots Done with Ankara?Burak Bekdil2020/02/25
Turkey's 'Truthophobia'Burak Bekdil2020/01/27
Erdogan's Bold Plan for a New Muslim Brotherhood Regime in LibyaCon Coughlin2020/01/23
Christian Couple Kidnapped in TurkeyUzay Bulut2020/01/20
Erdoğan's 'Make-Turkey-More-Islamic' Campaign Is a FailureBurak Bekdil2020/01/15
Turkey: Still among the World's Worst Jailers of JournalistsUzay Bulut2020/01/14
Turkey Muscles-In on the Israel-Greece-Cyprus EastMed Gas Pipeline DealSoeren Kern2020/01/13
Turkey's No Longer Best-Kept Secret: Islamized ChristiansVasileios Meichanetsidis2020/01/12
Why Hamas Supports Turkey's Invasion of Northern SyriaOmer Demir2020/01/09
Turkey: Turning on Washington to Benefit MoscowStephen Blank and Peter Huessy2020/01/08
Turkey's Gunboat Gambit in the MediterraneanBurak Bekdil2019/12/30
Libya's Political Instability Makes Room for ISIS to RegroupAhmed Charai2019/12/27
Turkey: Stop 'Fantastical Fiction,' Free Osman Kavala!Burak Bekdil2019/12/23
Turkey's East-West Carpet TradingBurak Bekdil2019/12/19
Turkey: Murder of Women Reaches Epidemic ProportionsUzay Bulut2019/12/11
Turkey's Open Secret: Fake SecularismBurak Bekdil2019/12/03
It Is Time for Europe to Take NATO SeriouslyAlain Destexhe2019/12/02
Turkey: Hate Speech against Christians and JewsSezen Şahin2019/11/11
Turkey: Erdogan's Campaign against the WestGiulio Meotti2019/11/09
How Putin Outfoxed Trump, Pence and ErdoganMalcolm Lowe2019/11/06
Turkey: Arming Genocide of Christians in Nigeria?Raymond Ibrahim2019/11/03
Erdogan's Summit with Putin Should Ring Alarm Bells for NATOCon Coughlin2019/10/24
Why Hamas Supports Erdogan's WarKhaled Abu Toameh2019/10/22
Turkey's New 'Bashibazouks': The Free Syrian ArmyBurak Bekdil2019/10/22
The Real Cost of Turkey's Kurdish ObsessionAmir Taheri2019/10/20
How Erdogan Planned This Ethnic Cleansing All AlongMalcolm Lowe2019/10/16
Turkey, Russia, Iran: Filling the VacuumErick Stakelbeck2019/10/16
How Terrible Does Turkey Have to Get?Burak Bekdil2019/10/14
ISIS's Turkish HomecomingCon Coughlin2019/10/12
Turkey Flooding Europe with MigrantsSoeren Kern2019/10/10
Stalin Had Gulags, Turkey Has CourtsBurak Bekdil2019/10/08
US Throws Kurdish Allies Under the Bus; Turkey "Opens the Floodgates" to EuropeSezen Şahin2019/10/07
Turkey: Ergodan Has Badly Overplayed His Hand in the Khashoggi AffairCon Coughlin2019/10/05
Turkey, Azerbaijan Ban Chess ChampionSezen Şahin2019/09/30
Next for Turkey? Nuclear Weapons!Burak Bekdil2019/09/18
Turkey: Alarming Crackdown on Journalists, Desperate Appeal to UNUzay Bulut2019/09/17
Turkey: Religious Backlash?Uzay Bulut2019/09/12
Turkey Faces "Almost a Revolution in the Middle East"Burak Bekdil2019/09/10
Erdoğan's Elections: Heads I Win, Tails You LoseBurak Bekdil2019/09/02
Turkey: "Death to Jews" at Summer CampUzay Bulut2019/08/27
Russia, Turkey, Iran: Adversaries of the West's NATO AllianceCon Coughlin2019/08/05
Turkey Threatens to Reignite European Migrant CrisisSoeren Kern2019/07/31
Turkey Adopts EurasianismBurak Bekdil2019/07/30
Erdoğan's American GambleBurak Bekdil2019/07/19
Germany: Nest of Middle Eastern SpiesSoeren Kern2019/07/17
Turkey: Out in the ColdBurak Bekdil2019/07/16
Turkey: No Rights for the Country's Indigenous People?Uzay Bulut2019/07/15
Erdogan and the Wisdom of Timely ExitAmir Taheri2019/07/14
Turkey Loses an AllyUzay Bulut2019/06/27
Istanbul: 'Everything Is Coming Up Roses'Burak Bekdil2019/06/24
Turkey: Vote Until You Get It RightVasileios Meichanetsidis2019/06/22
Is the U.S. Ambassador to Greece Faithfully Conveying Trump Administration Policy?Maria Polizoidou2019/06/19
Refugees in Turkey: Mistreated by Ankara, Ignored by the UNSirwan Mansouri2019/06/13
Turkey: Attacks on Journalists Turn More ViolentUzay Bulut2019/06/12
Turkey's New Violent Political CultureBurak Bekdil2019/06/11
Turkey's "Second Invasion" of Cyprus: Illegal Drilling in Eastern MediterraneanUzay Bulut2019/06/06
Erdoğan's Istanbul NightmareBurak Bekdil2019/05/27
Turkey: Erdogan Describes Armenian Genocide as 'Reasonable Relocation'Uzay Bulut2019/05/22
Turkey: Many Celebrate the Burning of the Cathedral of Notre DameUzay Bulut2019/05/18
Turkey: On Anniversary of Genocide, Armenians Still under AttackUzay Bulut2019/05/01
Poor Friendless ErdoğanBurak Bekdil2019/04/30
Turkish 'Justice': Life in Prison for Journalists; Leniency for ISIS TerroristUzay Bulut2019/04/29
How Turkey's Democracy Went From Insanity to 'Beyond Insanity'Burak Bekdil2019/04/26
Turkey: Erdogan Pledges to Convert Byzantine Cathedral Hagia Sophia into a MosqueUzay Bulut2019/04/07
Turkey's Elections: What Do They Mean for Turkey and Erdoğan?Burak Bekdil2019/04/05
Turkey Mourns Christchurch Massacre, Ignores Attacks on Non-MuslimsUzay Bulut2019/04/01
Turkey: Want to Win an Election? Bash the Jews!Uzay Bulut2019/03/28
Israel-Bashing Season Re-Opens in TurkeyBurak Bekdil2019/03/27
Turkey: Feminist Activists Targeted by Islamists, MediaUzay Bulut2019/03/26
Turkey: Women's Rights Abuses Widespread and SystematicUzay Bulut2019/03/21
Turkey: Tens of Thousands Prosecuted for "Insulting" ErdoğanUzay Bulut2019/03/20
Turkey: Putin's Ally in NATO?Burak Bekdil2019/03/19
How Islamic "Aid" Organizations in Turkey Feed Jihadists in SyriaUzay Bulut2019/03/06
Turkey: The Case of the Missing PriestsUzay Bulut2019/02/27
"Make Turkey Great Again" Collides with the U.S.Burak Bekdil2019/02/22
Turkey: Uniting an "Army of Islam" to Defeat Just One CountryUzay Bulut2019/02/21
Turkey's 'Food Terrorism': Blaming 'Global Powers' for Country's IllsUzay Bulut2019/02/20
Turkey: Jihadist Literature Gets a PassUzay Bulut2019/02/14
Turkey: Imprisoned Former Opposition Lawmaker Symbol of Unjust Justice SystemUzay Bulut2019/02/12
Syria: French Count Returns as Russian ApparatchikAmir Taheri2019/02/10
Has Turkish President Erdoğan Distanced Himself from the Muslim Brotherhood?Burak Bekdil2019/02/07
Turkey: Erdoğan's Unofficial Paramilitary Groups to 'Monitor' Elections?Uzay Bulut2019/02/04
Turkey's Sweeping "Educational" Penetration into the BalkansUzay Bulut2019/01/31
Turkey: Imprisoning Dissidents while Bidding for EU MembershipUzay Bulut2019/01/28
New Year, Same Old TurkeyBurak Bekdil2019/01/27
Turkey: The Price of DissentUzay Bulut2019/01/23
Turkey's Unjust Justice System: Armenian MP Under AttackUzay Bulut2019/01/21
Erdoğan Is Wrong on Syria. Turkey Cannot Get the Job Done.Burak Bekdil2019/01/15
Turkey Scolds EuropeUzay Bulut2019/01/09
Turkey's War on Christian MissionariesUzay Bulut2018/12/30
Turkey and EU: Can this Marriage be Saved?Burak Bekdil2018/12/27
US Pullout from Syria: Who Will Fill the Vacuum?Burak Bekdil2018/12/26
Turkey Turns on AmericaUzay Bulut2018/12/24
Turkey's Threats against GreeceDebalina Ghoshal2018/12/24
The Great Turkish Brain DrainBurak Bekdil2018/12/19
Turkey Aiming to Head a Global Islamic Union Governed by ShariaUzay Bulut2018/12/18
Turkey's Fake Outrage over the Murder of KhashoggiUzay Bulut2018/12/17
Why the Press Pays Less Attention to the Murder of Journalists Not Named KhashoggiPeter Baum2018/12/06
Anti-Semitism: The Fast Track in Turkey to a Government Career?Uzay Bulut2018/12/04
Turkey's Reign of Terror: The Persecution of Minority AlevisUzay Bulut2018/12/02
Turkey Wipes Out the Christian Culture of Occupied CyprusUzay Bulut2018/11/25
Turkey Stabilizing Libya? Think Again.Uzay Bulut2018/11/22
Turkey and US: Conflict Contained, Not ResolvedBurak Bekdil2018/11/20
Why Erdoğan's Charm Offensive Falls FlatBurak Bekdil2018/11/15
Why Do Middle Eastern Refugees Vandalize Christian Structures?Burak Bekdil2018/11/04
Beware Turkey's Dangerous New Refugee RoleUzay Bulut2018/11/03
Turkey and Qatar: An Alliance Under the Saudi SwordBurak Bekdil2018/10/29
The Breakneck Islamization of Turkey's Education SystemUzay Bulut2018/10/27
The 'Saudi Affair' in Istanbul Unveils Sunni vs Sunni RivalryBurak Bekdil2018/10/24
Are Turkey's Spies Operating in America?Uzay Bulut2018/10/19
Turkey: Enabling Mass Illegal Migration into GreeceUzay Bulut2018/10/17
Rebuilding Syria: The Responsibility PrincipleMalcolm Lowe2018/10/13
Turkey's Revolution Looks like Iran's - but in Slow MotionA.J. Caschetta2018/10/10
How an Extremist Government Treats Girls and WomenUzay Bulut2018/10/08
Turkey: Erdoğan's International Juggling CircusBurak Bekdil2018/10/03
Turkey: Building Mosques, Erasing ChristianityUzay Bulut2018/10/02
"Erdogate": Germany's Turkish SuperstarStefan Frank2018/09/22
Turkish Education: Same Old Religious Obsession, Only WorseBurak Bekdil2018/09/19
Turkey's Latest Power Grab a Naval Base in Cyprus?Debalina Ghoshal2018/09/12
Turkey: Torture, Sexual Abuse Rampant in PrisonsUzay Bulut2018/09/10
Journalist Paralyzed, Gravely Ill in Turkish PrisonUzay Bulut2018/09/05
Turkey Creating New Tensions with Greece and the USLawrence A. Franklin2018/09/03
Qatar and Turkey: Toxic Allies in the GulfRichard Miniter2018/08/28
Ankara Tries Turkish Cypriot Journalist for Criticizing TurkeyUzay Bulut2018/08/26
Trump's Fake Allies in the GulfBurak Bekdil2018/08/24
Does Turkey Belong in the Future of NATO?Nonie Darwish2018/08/15
The Turkish-Palestinian Hate FestUzay Bulut2018/08/13
Turkey's Neighborhood BulliesBurak Bekdil2018/08/12
New Heights of Turkish HypocrisyUzay Bulut2018/08/09
Yazidi Slavery, Child Trafficking, Death Threats to Journalist: Should Turkey Remain in NATO?Uzay Bulut2018/08/08
Child Brides in TurkeyBurak Bekdil2018/07/30
Turkey: Detained US Pastor Brunson Vilified by State-Supporting MediaUzay Bulut2018/07/29
Erdoğan's Turkey: Unwanted in Arab LandsBurak Bekdil2018/07/23
Turkey: American Pastor Brunson in Prison; ISIS Terrorists Roam FreeUzay Bulut2018/07/21
Turkey: Exposing Crimes of ISIS is TerrorismUzay Bulut2018/07/20
Germany Outlaws Turkish Boxing GangSoeren Kern2018/07/11
Is Turkey Playing a Double Game with NATO?Debalina Ghoshal2018/07/02
Why Turkey Will Not Be Another IranAmir Taheri2018/07/02
Turkey's Election: Stockholm Syndrome at Its WorstBurak Bekdil2018/06/26
Turkey: Erdogan's "Holy War" ObsessionBurak Bekdil2018/06/20
Turkey: Glorification of Murder, Martyrdom and Child SoldiersUzay Bulut2018/06/19
The Turkish RaceAmir Taheri2018/06/17
The Ethnic Cleansing of Northern CyprusUzay Bulut2018/06/06
Turkey and Israel: From Loveless to FracasBurak Bekdil2018/05/29
Turkey Slams Proposed French Changes to QuranUzay Bulut2018/05/15
Turkey: Erdogan's Islamist "Family Engineering"Burak Bekdil2018/05/14
Turkey in Syria: Ruling Kurdish Afrin by Sharia Law, Ethnic CleansingSirwan Kajjo2018/05/13
Turkey's Elections: But Who Counts the Votes?Burak Bekdil2018/05/09
The West Betrays the KurdsGiulio Meotti2018/05/07
Armenian Genocide: Turkey Cracks DownUzay Bulut2018/05/06
Turkey: Erdoğan's World of Terrorists Includes Everyone but TerroristsBurak Bekdil2018/05/03
Turkey Calls on Europe to Criminalize "Islamophobia"Uzay Bulut2018/04/30
Turkey: Is Erdogan's "Magic Spell" Beginning to Pale?Pinar Tremblay2018/04/23
Turkey Targeting Greece - AgainUzay Bulut2018/04/20
Turkey's Erdogan Threatens FranceUzay Bulut2018/04/19
Let Turkish Scholars Speak: See What Islamism Is AboutBurak Bekdil2018/04/18
Turkey's American Hostage - About to be Sentenced for Life?Uzay Bulut2018/04/15
Syria: Fighting over the CorpseShoshana Bryen2018/04/10
"Terrorism" Turkish StyleUzay Bulut2018/04/08
Syria: The Putin-Erdogan Summit Was a Missed OpportunityAmir Taheri2018/04/08
The Real Cost of AfrinAmir Taheri2018/03/25
Who Are the Jihadists Fighting alongside Turkey in Syria?Sirwan Kajjo2018/03/20
Kurdish Afrin Falls to TurkeyUzay Bulut2018/03/19
Erdogan's Unrequited Arab LoveBurak Bekdil2018/03/18
Turkish Diplomacy: Take HostagesUzay Bulut2018/03/13
Why Turkey Wants to Invade the Greek IslandsUzay Bulut2018/02/28
Hamas: Turkey's Longtime LoveBurak Bekdil2018/02/22
Turkey Threatens to Invade GreeceUzay Bulut2018/02/19
Turkey's "Peace Operations"Uzay Bulut2018/02/15
Erdogan's Turkey: Making Trouble EverywhereBurak Bekdil2018/02/13
Turkey's Operation in Northern SyriaSirwan Kajjo2018/02/12
Turkey: No Longer a Friend but Not a FoeAmir Taheri2018/01/28
Turkey: Targeting Kurds In SyriaBurak Bekdil2018/01/25
Persecution of Alevis in Turkey: Threats, Arbitrary ArrestsUzay Bulut2018/01/18
Turkish Twitter Explodes with Genocidal Jew-HatredUzay Bulut2017/12/31
Turkey: Still a U.S. Ally?Lawrence A. Franklin2017/12/27
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Opposition: "We Dream of a Turkey Where Everyone Can Say What They Think Freely"AK Group2011/06/08
Turkey Issues Threat to the USAK Group2011/05/19
Thousands Rally Against Censorship in TurkeyAK Group2011/05/17
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Turkish Premier Says Turkey Does Not Want the Separation of SyriaAK Group2011/05/03
Turkey Could Abolish Controversial Law on the MilitaryAK Group2011/05/02
US Asks Turkey for Help against Iran and LibyaAK Group2011/04/29
Turkey's Top Court Chief Highlights Election-Threshold ConcernsAK Group2011/04/28
Turkey Got TiredAK Group2011/04/22
Turmoil in Turkey: "There is No Law"AK Group2011/04/21
For Iranian Firms, Turkey Replacing DubaiAK Group2011/04/20
Turkey Opens New Border Crossing With IranAK Group2011/04/19
Israel Asks Turkey to Stop Gaza-Bound FlotillaAK Group2011/04/14
Turkey Prepares New Gaza FlotillaAK Group2011/04/13
Turkey to Mediate Between Hamas and FatahAK Group2011/04/12
Turkey 'More Democratic' Than Some EU MembersAK Group2011/04/08
Austria Demands Recall of Turkey's AmbassadorAK Group2011/04/05
Turkey's Top Banker Resigns After Criticizing Islamist Government's 'Police Tactics'AK Group2011/04/04
Turkey and Iran Will Form Partnership, Deputy PM SaysAK Group2011/03/31
Turkey's Core Doctrine of 'Secularism' to be RewrittenAK Group2011/03/29
Turkey Sought to Mediate Between Gadafi and RebelsAK Group2011/03/25
Turkey Sets 4 Conditions on Libyan Air OperationsAK Group2011/03/23
Turkey's PM: Gadhafi Should Have Stepped AsideAK Group2011/03/22
Allegedly Carrying Nuclear Weapons, Iranian Plane Forced to Land in TurkeyAK Group2011/03/18
Relative of Muslim Brotherhood Founder Says Turkey is 'Not a Model' for Arab DemocraciesAK Group2011/03/17
Tunisia Won't Use Islamist-Led Turkey as a Model, Rebel Leader SaysAK Group2011/03/16
Accused Held on 'Secret Evidence' in TurkeyAK Group2011/03/11
Islamist Ruling Party is Turning Turkey Into "A Police State," Opposition Leader SaysAK Group2011/03/07
Turkey's Islamists Order Police Searches of Opposition LeadersAK Group2011/03/04
Turkey Opposes No-Fly Zone Over Libya and U.N. SanctionsAK Group2011/03/03
Libyan Snipers Take Aim as Turkey Begins Record EvacuationAK Group2011/02/25
3,000 March to Protest Islamist Government in TurkeyAK Group2011/02/22
Turkey Arrests Opposition Journalists Amid FurorAK Group2011/02/17
Key Leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Visits TurkeyAK Group2011/02/14
Border Between Turkey and Iraq to be Drawn AgainAK Group2010/11/14
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