The following press review covers the visit of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to Latin America that took him to Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil and Argentina. It also reports excerpts from Fidel Castro's op-ed published in Cuba Debate, news website from Cuba, and Granma, the official communist party paper from Cuba.


  • Op-Ed - Impossible Happiness, by Fidel Castro
  • Assad supports Argentinean sovereignty on the Malvinas Islands
  • Lula: "All eyes are looking toward Damascus to find a word of authority and moderation."
  • Chavez: "Eje del Mal" the Axis of Evil, is an acronym for the Movement of Free Allies

July 4, 2010

Op-Ed - Impossible Happiness, by Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro is publishing these days his thoughts on the Middle East mixed with his opinion on the World Cup. While writing about Iran, he suddenly changes the topic to express his sadness for the defeat of Argentina in the World Cup, and his disappointment in the passing to the quarter final of Uruguay.

"One of the favorite teams [Argentina] lost, leaving 90% of football fans in Cuba stunned. The vast majority of lovers of this sport do not even know on which continent Uruguay is to be found. A final between European countries would be the most lackluster and anti-historic since soccer came into the world," Castro writes.

The following are excerpts on Castro's reflections on a possible war against Iran:

"[…] The World Cup hasn't ended yet. There are six days left to go before the final. What an exceptional opportunity for the Yankee Empire and the fascist State of Israel will possibly miss to keep the minds of the vast majority of the inhabitants of the planet off their basic problems!

"Who would have noticed the disastrous plans of the empire in relation to Iran and its crude pretexts for attacking it? At the same time I wonder: what are Israeli warships doing for the first time in the waters of the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz and Iran's maritime areas? […]

"Without any doubt whatsoever, the people of Iran, a national of millenary traditions, will defend themselves against the aggressors. It is incomprehensible that Obama can seriously believe that they would bow down to his demands.

"The president of that country and its religious leaders, inspired by the Islamic Revolution of Ruhollah Khomeini, creator of the Revolutionary Guards, the modern Armed Forces and the new state of Iran, will resist.

"For us, the poor nations of the world, who are not the least to blame for the colossal mess created by imperialism, located in this hemisphere to the south of the United States, others located in the West, Center and South of Africa, and others that are able to remain unharmed by nuclear war in the rest of the planet, there is no alternative other than to confront the consequences of the catastrophic nuclear war which will erupt in a very short time. […]"

Granma, Cuba Debate (Cuba)

July 3, 2010

Assad supports Argentinean sovereignty on the Malvinas Islands

Syrian President Assad met with Argentinean President Cristina Kirchner and supported the Argentinean sovereignty on the Malvinas Islands. In response, Kirchner supported the Syrian demand to get from Israel the Golan.

La Nación, Argentina

June 30, 2010

Lula: "All eyes are looking toward Damascus to find a word of authority and moderation"

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva renewed his offer to mediate the Middle East conflict and joined visiting Syrian counterpart Assad in criticizing Israel for its blockade of Gaza. Lula said that Syria "is an indispensable partner in the search for peace" and that "all eyes are looking toward Damascus to find a word of authority and moderation".

Assad thanked Lula for his policies concerning the Middle East, mainly in relation to Palestine and Iran. The Syrian President also stated that "Israel is a threat for the region".

O Estado de S. Paulo (Brazil), Latin American Herald Tribune

June 28, 2010

Chavez: "Eje del Mal", the Axis of Evil, is an acronym for the Movement of Free Allies

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Assad stated that they have friends and enemies in common. They've also stated to be both part of the "Eje del mal" (Axis of Evil). However, for Chavez the word "mal" should be considered as an acronym for the "Movimiento de los Aliados Libres" (Movement of the Free Allies).

La Nación, Argentina

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