Writings by Anna Mahjar-Barducci

Title Date
Liberating Libya: General Vows to Crush Terrorists2014/06/13
Iran's Plan to Destabilize Egypt2014/06/06
Libya: The Islamization of Universities2014/05/14
Libya: Muslim Brotherhood's New Prime Minister2014/05/09
Libya: Islamist Group Forms to Destabilize Egypt2014/05/06
Libya Urgently in Need of Military Intervention2014/04/29
Libya: Jihadi Terror Leaders' Safest Haven2014/04/23
Libya: Restoring the Monarchy?2014/04/16
Fighting al-Qaeda for a Secular State near Mali2012/07/31
Pakistan: Fatwas Against Women2012/06/12
Tunisian Universities Under Islamist Siege2012/05/08
Women's Rights in Egypt2012/05/03
Kuwait Considering Death Penalty for Blasphemy2012/04/30
Anti-Christian and Anti-Jewish Sentiment in Malaysia2012/04/25
Tunisia's Religious Persecution2012/04/20
Tunisian Salafists: Who Are They?2012/03/27
Tunisia: Thousands of Salafists Rally for Sharia Law2012/03/21
Women's Rights Raped in Morocco2012/03/20
Democracy Has Failed, "Caliphate is the Answer"2012/03/15
Tunisia: From One Dictatorship To Another2012/03/01
Tunisia's New Islamist Police2012/02/29
The Egyptian Bearded Police2012/02/24
Salafists in Tunisia2012/02/23
Al-Qaeda Takes Over East Africa2012/02/10
Brazil's President in Cuba2012/02/08
Brazil Moves Away from Iran2012/02/03
Venezuelan Socialism: iPhones and Dollars2012/02/01
Islamists Take Over Tunisia2012/01/27
Russia's Old New Cold War2012/01/25
Anti-Semitism in Chile2012/01/23
Ahmadinejad's Sentimental Journey for Uranium and Money2012/01/18
Iran, Venezuela Plotting Attacks "Worse than 9/11"2012/01/13
Boko Haram Rapidly Infiltrating Nigerian Intelligence2012/01/11
Hamas: Legitimacy by Joining Muslim Brotherhood2012/01/06
Tunisia: The Ennahda Party's Autocratic "Coup"2012/01/04
Al-Qaeda Relocates to Africa2011/12/30
Darfur: Land of The Islamist Power Struggle2011/12/29
The New Cold War2011/12/23
Spain's Jew-Hating Majority2011/12/21
Argentina's Cozy Relations with Iran2011/12/16
Iran Preparing Serious Cyber Attack Against the U.S. from Latin America2011/12/14
Tunisia's "Liberal" MP: "Single Mothers Have No Right to Exist"2011/12/09
Tunisia's Religious Police2011/12/07
Behind the Islamist Wave Elections in the Arab World2011/12/02
Congo's Elections: New African War on the Horizon?2011/11/30
Two Despotic Powers in Egypt: The Army and the Islamists2011/11/23
Syria, from Civil War to Regional War2011/11/21
Syria Tortures Children2011/11/18
Egypt: The Revolution That Wasn't2011/11/16
Syrian Protestors Request No-Fly Zone2011/11/10
Terror Air: Airlines Providing Material Support for Terrorists2011/11/07
Iran vs. Saudi Arabia: War on the Horizon?2011/11/04
Asma Assad, Dictator's Wife2011/11/02
Chavez's Doctor, Chavez's Health2011/10/28
The Copts' New Enemy: Mohammed Hussein Tantawi2011/10/21
Libya's Oil2011/10/14
Pakistani Scared Of India's Influence in Afghanistan2011/10/12
Iran Scooping Up African Uranium2011/10/07
Pakistan's New Alliance with Iran2011/10/05
Al-Qaeda Speaks Spanish: Advances to Mallorca and the Western Sahara2011/09/30
Turkey: Erdogan's New "Secular" Islamism2011/09/28
Turkey's Moralpolitik: World Leader in Imprisoning Journalists2011/09/23
Iran's "Invasion" of Latin America2011/09/21
The Role of Algeria in Libya2011/09/16
Cuba After Castro2011/09/14
Islamist Leader Now Libyan Commander2011/09/09
Iran's problem: Post-revolutionary Syria as an Enemy2011/09/07
Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba Still Support Gaddafi2011/09/02
How to Topple Iran; Hamas Moving to Cairo?2011/08/31
The Failure of Chavez's Socialist Health Care2011/08/26
Iran in Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay2011/08/24
Uruguay's Diplomacy with Iran2011/08/19
Despots Condemn "Brutal Repression" of UK Rioters2011/08/17
Somalia's Humanitarian Crisis: What Can Be Learned2011/08/15
Pakistani ISI Chief's Secret Visit to China2011/08/10
Pakistan's Spy Game in the U.S.2011/08/05
Chavez Vows to Stay in Power until 20312011/08/03
Wearing the Hijab in the Caribbean2011/08/01
Nuclear Cooperation between Argentina and Iran?2011/07/27
Trying to Avoid Pakistan's War on India2011/07/22
The Holiday Island of Isla de Margarita, Venezuela, Hosts Hezbollah Militants2011/07/21
Hezbollah in Mexico2011/07/15
The Precarious Birth of South Sudan2011/07/13
Chavez's Sickness Leads To Political Infighting2011/07/08
China's Hegemonic Ambitions Frighten Asian Countries2011/07/06
Chad: Gaddafi's Best Ally2011/07/01
Pakistan Frustrated with U.S. Relations2011/06/29
Iranian Mullah Responsible for Terrorist Attacks in Argentina2011/06/24
The Iranian Factor in the Caribbean Terror Plot to Bomb JFK Airport2011/06/23
Al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Somalia2011/06/17
Venezuela Freezes Relations with U.S.; Triggers Oil Price Hike2011/06/15
Bolivia Welcomes Wanted Iranian Defense Minister2011/06/10
Pakistani Journalist Killed for Exposing Al-Qaeda's Links to Pakistan's Armed Forces2011/06/08
U.S. Sanctions Against Venezuela2011/06/03
Venezuela: Anti-Semitism Keeps Escalating2011/06/01
China warns the U.S.: "Any Attack on Pakistan Would be Construed as an Attack on China"2011/05/27
Al-Qaeda in Honduras, Way-Station to the U.S.2011/05/25
Trial in Chicago Exposes Pakistan's Support for Terrorism2011/05/20
Venezuela: Chavez Trying to Eliminate Opponent2011/05/18
Kenya and Tanzania, Hit by Bin Laden, Warn That Islamism Is Still a Threat2011/05/13
Abbottabad: The Tourist Resort Where bin Laden Lived2011/05/11
Islamists Slaughter Christians in Nigeria, Obama Looks the Other Way2011/05/06
Iran Trains Terrorists in Venezuela, Hides Behind Mercenaries2011/05/04
China Devouring Southeast Asia: "Sweeter Than Honey"2011/04/29
Despite Pressure, Colombia Will Not Recognize Palestinian Statehood2011/04/27
Wimpy Warfare: Obama's "Bay of Libya" Fiasco2011/04/22
Obama Botches Latin America: What the FARC'S Computer Said2011/04/20
Hizballah in Venezuela: The Man Who Knows Too Much2011/04/15
Iran's Ties With Venezuela: US Concerned, and Should Be2011/04/13
Chavez Defends Gaddafi, Tries to Save Assad2011/04/08
African Mercenaries in Libya - Part III2011/04/06
African Mercenaries in Libya, Part II2011/04/01
Gaddafi's Mercenaries in Libya2011/03/30
Iran's Charm Offensive in Africa, Part II2011/03/25
Obama: Rewarding Obstructionists, Shafting Allies - Again2011/03/23
Iran's Charm Offensive in Africa2011/03/18
Chavez Unmasked: What Sort of Mediator Is That?2011/03/16
Fidel Castro on NATO Invading Libya2011/03/11
Dictators' Wives2011/03/09
Chavez's Hard Week to Save Dictatorships2011/03/04
New War Ahead: China-Pakistan vs. U.S.A.2011/03/02
Libya Viewed by Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua2011/02/25
Iran Self-Sufficient: No Longer Needs Venezuelan Refined Fuel2011/02/18
"Arab, South American Region to Create a New Geopolitical Space of Global Importance"2011/02/15
Uprisings in Bolivia2011/02/14
Venezuelan Minister Hangs Out With Hezbollah2011/02/11
The Uprising in Egypt as Seen by Caracas and La Havana2011/02/09
Paraguay Recognizes Palestine2011/02/04
The Tunisian Revolution As Seen By Cuba2011/02/02
Peru and Guyana Recognize Palestine as Independent State2011/01/28
Venezuela: To Celebrate Free Expression, Chavez Shuts Down Media2011/01/26
Venezuelan Opposition Seeks Support in Washington DC2011/01/21
Basque ETA Terrorists Move to Venezuela, Team Up with Colombia's FARC2011/01/19
Venezuela: Chavez "Intensifies" Land Takeovers2011/01/14
Recognition of Palestine by Latin American States2011/01/12
Fragile US-Venezuelan Relations2011/01/07
US-Syrian Relations: Rewards First; for Nothing, Later2011/01/05
Venezuela: Church Warns of Chavez Dictatorship Grab2010/12/31
The Sweetheart of Venezuela and the Radicalization of the Bolivarian Revolution2010/12/29
Venezuela: Emergency Powers Given to Chavez Endanger Human Rights2010/12/24
Venezuela, WikiLeaked2010/12/17
Trampling International Accords2010/12/14
Iran Placing Medium-Range Missiles in Venezuela; Can Reach the U.S.2010/12/08
Iran Helping Bolivia Build Nuclear Power Plant2010/12/03
Venezuela and Syria: "The Caracas-Damascus Axis"2010/11/29
Venezuela and Libya: "Nothing Will Stop Us from Building Our First Nuclear Reactor"2010/11/19
Chavez's visit to Iran2010/11/10
Iran and Latin America, as seen by Teheran2010/11/05
Venezuela: Nuclear Chavez2010/10/29
The Radicalization of Ecuador2010/10/22
Elections in Venezuela, Part II2010/10/08
Bolivia, Venezuela, Supply Uranium to Iran2010/10/06
Venezuelan Elections: Catholic Church vs. Hugo Chavez, Part I2010/10/04
Cuba Shifts2010/09/17
Latin America: Press Review2010/09/03
Latina America Press Review2010/08/13
Latin America: Press Review2010/08/06
Latin America: Press Review2010/07/30
Latin America: Press Review2010/07/23
Latin America: Press Review2010/07/19
Latin America: Press Review2010/07/09
Southern Sudan and the West's Moral Muddle2010/06/17
Iran's Newest Enablers2010/06/04
The New Anti-Western Alliance: Iran, Turkey and Brazil2010/05/28
Venezeula Collaborates with ETA and FARC2010/03/29
Climate Catastrophists' Mi$$ion Creep2010/03/18
Obama's Engagement Partner: "The Moby Dick of Conspiracy Theories" 2010/02/22
Why Would Indians Need Israeli Pilots?2010/02/12
Egypt Persecutes Copts or How to Pick a Soccer Team2010/02/10
Hungary: Anti-Semitism Up, Democracy Down2010/01/21
Web Jihad2010/01/14
Al-Qaeda in Nigeria?2010/01/06
Rock Stars of the Islamic Terrorist World2009/12/04
Unfavorable Climate: "Corrected" Data2009/11/12
Dithering in Afghanistan2009/11/11
Turkey: Racism In, Ataturk Out2009/11/05
Ramadan: “100 Police vs. 100 Sandwiches” But There Was Nothing Funny In What Followed2009/10/22
Afghan Strategy: Amateur Hour at the White House2009/10/12
How Much Government?2009/09/17
The New Epicenter of Al-Qaeda2009/09/10
Afghan Quicksand2009/08/28
The Afghan Elections2009/08/17
Morocco: Mohammed the Lionheart2009/08/10
France: Thickening Anti-Semitism2009/07/29
Berlsconi and the G82009/07/17
Xinjiang: What Does China Have That Denmark Doesn't?2009/07/16
The Burqa: "I Am Not A Candy"2009/07/09
Pakistan: "Anarchy in the Name of Allah"2009/07/06
Iran: What is the Goal?2009/06/23
U.S. in Cairo: Puzzling Friends and Encouraging Foes2009/06/22
Unprepared for North Korea2009/06/22
Gaddafi in Italy2009/06/19
On Lebanon2009/06/17
Obama in Egypt2009/06/04
al-Sadr in Turkey2009/05/26
New Best Friends: Iran and Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood2009/05/13
Iran: Destabilizing While Buying Time2009/04/30
Pakistani - Taliban Collusion?2009/04/15
Turkey: Erdogan on the Ropes2009/04/07
Venezuela: Iran's New Best Friend2009/03/31
Morocco Takes a Stand2009/03/30
Turkey: Obama Boosts Radicals2009/02/27
Turkey Woos Iran2009/02/03
Hamas's Enablers2009/01/08
Iran and Pakistan: Sharing Rhetoric2008/12/29
The Chain Murders Of Iran2008/12/17
Pakistan: Army vs. Government2008/12/11
Can Damascus Separate From Teheran?2008/12/03
Walking Into The Iran Trap2008/11/21

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