When Venezuelans went to vote for the legislative elections on September 26th, the Catholic Church was one of the main actors: it took a strong stand against the Chavez regime, echoing the opposition and stressed that the country needs a change, while warning of the danger of Socialism.

This is not the first time that the Church has openly criticized the Venezuelan government. Last August, The Archbishop of Caracas, Cardinal Urosa Savino, stated that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his government have been disregarding the Constitution and "want to impose a Socialist-Marxist system in the country to control all sectors. This system is totalitarian and is leading to dictatorship; not to proletarian dictatorship but to dictatorship led by the elite who are ruling the country."

From the Venezuelan Press:

  • Cardinal Urosa: "We do not want the Communist system"
  • Cardinal Urosa: Communism is fatal for all peoples
  • Archbishop Luckert: Venezuela is heading towards a serious confrontation

September 22, 2010

Cardinal Urosa: "We do not want the Communist system"

The Archbishop of Caracas, Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, called for Venezuela's Sept. 26 elections to be free of manipulation. "As bishops it is our duty to urge people to vote," to have "respect for the election laws," and to ensure "there is no fraud" […]

He also called on Venezuelans to trust that their votes will be confidential. "Those who feel undue pressure from anyone should trust that their vote is confidential. We must set fear aside and fulfill our commitment to ourselves, our families, the country and our future, in order to achieve a better country."

Cardinal Urosa also warned of the danger of Socialism, which he called the "fatal" ideology of Cuba, "a nation that is submerged in a totalitarian system." "We do not want the Communist system because it goes against our Constitution and the rights that strengthen the lives of people," he concluded.

Catholic News Agency

September 21, 2010

Cardinal Urosa: Communism is fatal for all peoples

Caracas Archbishop, Urosa Savino, urged the nearly 18 million electors who have the right to vote in Sunday's parliament election to participate massively. […]

In his view, the election to be held on September 26, represents an opportunity to elect a Parliament that encompasses all sectors, unlike the current National Assembly which only "represents the ruling party sector."

He said that it is necessary to be confident that the vote is secret. ""Only God knows who we will vote for," he told the Venezuelan radio station Unión Radio. In his opinion, it is important that Venezuelans understand that "we are at a critical and decisive juncture, and we must participate." On the contrary, voters should be contributing with a system that "controls and dominates."

Cardinal Urosa Savino said that President Chávez wants to lead the country into a "Marxist-Leninist political system, that is, Communism. It has proven that it is fatal for all peoples."

El Universal (Venezuela)

September 16, 2010

Archbishop Luckert: Venezuela is heading towards a serious confrontation

Archbishop Roberto Luckert of Coro (Venezuela) published a pastoral letter calling on the faithful and politicians in the country to do their part to change the direction Venezuela during the September 26 congressional elections.

The archbishop explained that it is his duty "to call for change in the country's direction and for the struggle against the lasting ills of Venezuelan democracy: corruption, privilege, the lack of administrative continuity, political favoritism, excessive spending, and the moral deterioration of public structures and institutions."

Archbishop Luckert said the country is heading towards a serious confrontation that will put Venezuelans against Venezuelans." He added that the Church "cannot remain indifferent in the face of the historic dilemmas of the nation, when certain values and principles of the human being and society are seriously under threat."

The archbishop then warned of the growing violence in the country and expressed great sorrow over the large numbers of young people who leave the country in search of the kind of opportunities they cannot find in Venezuela

Catholic News Agency

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