Writings by Bruce Bawer  (View Biography)

Title Date
CNN and Qatar Airways: Taking Fake News to New Heights2017/10/10
Switzerland: The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Jihad2017/09/28
Sweden: What You Won't See in This Book...2017/09/23
Scandinavia: Shift in Immigration Debate2017/09/19
Norway's Bewildering Election2017/09/15
A Master's Degree in Whitewashing Islam2017/09/14
Terrorists in Germany's Parliament?2017/09/09
The Latest Victim of the Campus Hate Industry2017/09/08
Anti-Semitism in Europe: New Official Report2017/08/25
The Anti-Semitic Jewish Media2017/08/16
Norway Embraces Islamist Tyranny2011/11/16