Writings by Pete Hoekstra

Title Date
Iran's Dangerous New Terror Proxy: Sudan2024/05/05
China's 'Unrestricted Warfare': Is It Here Already?2024/03/26
NATO's 'Welfare' States: Treating the U.S. As 'Room Service'2024/03/14
Israel's Long War for the West2024/02/04
Urgently Needed: An Economic and National Security 'War Cabinet'2023/11/17
Time to Pull the Plug on Forced Electric Vehicles2023/11/09
Intelligence Failures - Again2023/10/20
What Starts in Gaza - and Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Venezuela - Starts in Iran2023/10/11
When Politicians Lose Track of Who Is the Adversary2023/10/08
UNESCO Vote Highlights Continued UN Bias Against Israel2023/09/11
Will Congress Save Itself by Stopping the Iran Deal and Biden's Imperial Presidency?2023/08/13
Out of Outrage: Where is the U.S. Response?2023/07/27
Time to Get Rid of Federal 'Disinformation' Bureaus2023/06/21
Politicized Intelligence Community: Danger to a Democracy2023/05/03
The Chinese Communist Party's Secret Projects in the US: What Is Going On?2023/04/27
The Trump Trials: Changing the Subject2023/04/07
Leadership Crisis in America2023/03/31
Massive Abuses of Government Power: Urgent Reform Needed of Data Privacy and Collection2023/03/15
The Abrahamic Family House of H. E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to Promote Peace2023/03/03
Realism on China2023/02/27
Destroying American Democracy - An Inside Job2023/01/15
More Foreign Policy Confusion2023/01/08
America's 'Acute' Foreign Policy Disarray2022/10/26
The Need for Real Leadership: The Cost of Not Supporting Ukraine2022/10/16
Washington's Double Legal Standards2022/10/10
Europe's Energy Crisis2022/09/16
The 'Inflation Reduction Act' to Increase Inflation and Impoverish Middle Class Americans2022/09/07
Status of Global War against Terrorism2022/08/18
US: The New Real Hoaxes?2022/08/08
The Wuhan 'Disinformation'2022/07/20
The Future WHO (World Health Organization)2022/07/11
President Biden's Nobel Peace Prize?2022/06/23
Another Way the US Government Is Threatening National Security2022/05/23
DANGER: The WHO's Death Trap for the US2022/05/15
More Islamic Death Threats in Europe: Dutch MP Targeted Twice2022/05/11
China or the USA?2022/04/22
Will the U.S. Lead or Continue to 'Lose Ground'?2022/04/05
Biden's 'New World Order'2022/03/28
The Houthis, Iran's 'Weapon of War,' and Iran's IRGC, Must Be on US Terrorist List2022/03/21
Biolabs or Bioweapons Labs?2022/03/10
Determined Leadership Everywhere but America: Open the Spigots, Open the EastMed Pipeline2022/03/03
The Middle East: The US Is All In or All Out2022/02/11
Do Not Open Nord Stream 22022/02/07
The Houthis Belong on the Terrorist List: The 'Humanitarian Crisis' Manipulation2022/01/27
Biden's Colossal Failure on Iran: Redesignate the Houthis a Foreign Terrorist Organization2022/01/22
Predicting 2022 - The Year of the Tiger - Part II2022/01/18
Responding to Chinese Diplomatic and Economic Aggression: Why on Earth Is the U.S. Attacking Its Best Allies?2022/01/15
Predicting 2022 – China's Year of the Tiger2022/01/10
Gatestone's Man of the Year - 20212022/01/03
Bureaucrats Advise Policy, They Should Not Make It2021/12/23
China and a Failed WTO Accession2021/12/17
Peng Shuai Only the Latest Reason to Move Olympics, Hold China Accountable2021/11/23
What to Expect from the Biden-Xi Meeting - And It's Not Good2021/11/14
China and the Crisis Presidency of Joe Biden2021/11/02
Parents Teaching or Government Indoctrination - You Choose2021/10/26
What Does Joe Biden's Health Have to Do with the Future of Taiwan?2021/10/11
We May Have Left Afghanistan, Mr. President, But We Are Still at War2021/09/23
Accountability for Afghanistan2021/09/10
Is the U.S. Intelligence Community Putting the World at Risk?2021/09/03
Why Is Congress on the Sidelines as Afghanistan Burns?2021/08/26
History Lesson - Biden is Obama 3.0 on Embracing Jihadists2021/08/20
Two Intelligence Failures by America's Leaders2021/08/18
Freedom of Speech: A Vulnerable Right2021/08/02
Enemies of the State2021/07/22
What Is China Doing?2021/07/08
How China Sees It2021/06/25

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