Writings by Pete Hoekstra

Title Date
What Does Joe Biden's Health Have to Do with the Future of Taiwan?2021/10/11
We May Have Left Afghanistan, Mr. President, But We Are Still at War2021/09/23
Accountability for Afghanistan2021/09/10
Is the U.S. Intelligence Community Putting the World at Risk?2021/09/03
Why Is Congress on the Sidelines as Afghanistan Burns?2021/08/26
History Lesson - Biden is Obama 3.0 on Embracing Jihadists2021/08/20
Two Intelligence Failures by America's Leaders2021/08/18
Freedom of Speech: A Vulnerable Right2021/08/02
Enemies of the State2021/07/22
What Is China Doing?2021/07/08
How China Sees It2021/06/25

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