Writings by Shoshana Bryen  (View Biography)

Title Date
US Defenses Against Chinese Cyber Offenses2021/01/12
Arrow - and Israel - in Alaska2019/07/30
Making Real Arab-Israeli Peace at the Bahrain Conference2019/06/05
UNESCO: Why the United States Needs to Watch Out2018/10/18
How the World Really Views Israel2018/07/18
Who Sanctions Russia? Not Germany.2018/06/14
Syria: Fighting over the Corpse2018/04/10
Palestinians: Where Have They Gone?2017/12/26
Why Are We in Niger?2017/10/29
Iran: See a Pattern?2017/09/12
Looking the Wrong Way on Iran2017/06/27
Why Is the US Still Funding Palestinian Terrorism?2017/04/19
Russia: Rubber Ducks and Green Paint2017/03/31
The Arab-Israel Conflict: Back to the Future2017/02/16
Who are Those Refugees Australia Doesn't Want?2017/02/03
Immigration Priorities: Translators, and Victims of Genocide2017/01/27
The "Peace Conference": An Outright Admission of Failure2017/01/17
Change Is Coming and Change Can Be Good2016/12/22
Israel Puts the Spike Missile on its Apache Helicopters2016/11/17
Erasing the West2016/10/20
Calling Congress: The U.S.-Israel Memorandum of Understanding2016/09/15
Is Israel about to Sign a Terrible Deal?2016/08/11
UK: It Wasn't a Gaffe2016/07/17
Turkey-Israel Rapprochement2016/06/29
Orlando Shooting: Pickled in Hatred2016/06/13
French Political Gymnastics and How to Help the Palestinians2016/05/23
Israel, Turkey, Russia and Egypt2016/04/17
The Perils of Not Listening to Iran2016/04/07
Will Obama Try to Blackmail Israel?2016/03/11
Great Power Realignment - To Russia?2016/02/20
The Value of Tolerance2016/01/27
When All Else Fails, Erdogan Calls Israel2015/12/18
The Holocaust is OVER2015/10/25
Middle East Peace Process: Oh No, Not Again!2015/10/19
Looking Ahead at Middle East "Peace"2015/08/17
What Society Says When Children Are Murdered2015/08/05
Israel: Security Asset for the United States2015/07/16
France, Iran and the "Peace Process"2015/06/10
When the Government Kills2015/05/06
Is U.S. Israel's Ally "When It Matters"?2015/04/22
Is This the Way to Run a War?2015/02/19
Blaming the Jews for Fun and Profit2015/02/09
The West Bank Army of the "State of Palestine," Thanks to the United States2015/01/21
Does Saudi Arabia Rule the World?2014/12/29
Iran Leads at Halftime; Game Over?2014/10/31
Support Allies, Not Terrorists2014/10/15
The Conditions of Victory and Peace2014/09/09
The Beheading of James Foley and Other Unintended Consequences2014/08/21
Palestinian Poverty is not a Plague or an Earthquake2014/08/11
The Doctrine of Proportionality2014/07/20
Guarding American Interests in the Sunni-Shiite War2014/06/20
Will Israel Save Hamas and Fatah Again?2014/04/29
Money, Politics and Israel's Defense2014/03/07
On the Border of Freedom: Ukraine and Venezuela2014/02/24
U.S. Security "Assurances" and the End of UN Resolution 2422014/02/03
The Middle East: The Way They See It2014/01/07
Iran Deal: Was the West Skinned?2013/12/04
A Lesser Superpower Than We Used To Be2013/10/24
Palestinian Corruption -- Again2013/10/17
Shape-Shifting on Syria2013/09/04
Beware Al-Jazeera Coming to America2013/08/22
"Radicalizing" the Muslim Brotherhood2013/08/01
Courts Unravel Sanctions on Iran2013/07/22
"American Guarantees": Foolish Offers2013/07/02
They Voted for a Moderate; Now What?2013/06/17
It Wasn't an Accident2013/06/06
Israel Should Be Poor; Palestine, Rich2013/05/28
U.S.: Israel's Prosperity a Problem2013/05/24
The Fourth Great War2013/05/06
Burning Down the Palestinian House2013/04/05
Calling for Protest in Israel2013/03/22
The Current Limits of U.S.-Israel Security Cooperation2013/03/08
What if They Mean What They Say?2013/03/05
A Hard Reckoning2013/02/21
Is Iran Trying to Start Another War?2013/01/31
Enshrining Ideologies: Egypt and the US2013/01/22
How to Use American Influence2012/12/27
Converging toward Hamas2012/12/21
"Because they Could"2012/11/30
Honing Anti-Semitism in France and Sweden2012/10/19
Changing the Battlefield2012/10/17
The YouTube Video as a Dress Rehearsal2012/10/03
The End of US-Israel Strategic Cooperation?2012/09/06
US Security Interests in Egypt2012/08/31
Egypt Fully Remilitarizing Sinai - with US Help2012/08/20
US Administration Stabs Israel in the Back2012/07/05
The Incredible Shrinking US-Israel Security Cooperation2012/06/27
Variations on the Theme of The Arab War Against Israel2012/06/12
The Process Trap2012/06/01
Counting Palestinians2012/05/25
What if a Rational Iran Says, "Yes"?2012/05/02
"Targeted Assassination" by the U.S. Security Establishment?2012/04/02
"Responsibility to Protect"2012/03/19
What Netanyahu May Have Added...2012/03/07
The New Cold War With The Same Old Russia2012/01/09
Got Missiles?2011/12/28
Panetta, Friedman and "The Damn Table"2011/12/26
Lebanon: Hezbollah Digs In2011/12/01

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