Writings by Vijeta Uniyal  (View Biography)

Title Date
China's Undeclared War on India2020/06/26
India: Standing up to China in the Post-Coronavirus World2020/05/19
Germany: Stifling Dissent to Mass Migration2018/09/13
Germany: Mass Migration vs. Microaggression2018/08/07
Germany's Migrant Policy: Why Trump was Right2018/06/22
Germany: Migrant Crisis Delusions2018/04/24
Germany: The Progressives' Post-Election Meltdown2017/10/09
Is Germany Heading to a "September Surprise"?2017/09/22
Germany's Quest for 'Liberal' Islam2017/07/06
Germany Hit by Merkel's Imported Crime Wave2017/05/02
Merkel's Migrant Deception2017/03/15
Germany's Jihad on Freedom of Speech2017/03/06
Merkel Government Still in Denial2016/12/20
Angela Merkel: False Prophet of Europe2016/12/04
Kashmir: New Islamic State Backed by New York Times, BBC2016/08/02
What We Could Learn from Israel2016/03/24
ISIS Sets Its Sights on the East2015/12/20
How Obama Lost Afghanistan2015/10/09
Migration Crisis: Germany Wants to Be "Miss Congeniality"2015/09/20
Germany's Appeasement of Radical Islam2015/09/10
Mass Immigration and the Undoing of Europe2015/08/25
The Islamic State's Campaign Plan2015/08/03
Iran Deal: Obama Just Sold Out an Ally, and It's Not Israel2015/07/20
Don't Worry, Obama, India's Got Your Back2015/04/21
Nuclear Iran's "Spillover Effects"2015/04/13
Radical Islam in Europe: No One to Blame But Us2015/01/17
Responses to Terrorism: Europe v. India2014/09/16
India: Hindu Nationalists Reshaping Politics2014/05/13

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