Shiraz Maher

Shiraz Maher holds a degree in History from the University of Leeds and an MPhil in Historical Studies from Cambridge University. After leaving university, he worked as a journalist, reporting on terrorism, radicalization and the Middle East. He has reported for some of the BBC's flagship current affairs programmes including Newsnight, Panorama, Our World, World News America, the World Service and Radio 4. His writings have appeared in the Times, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Guardian, New Statesman, Prospect, Wall Street Journal and Standpoint.

Maher was subsequently a Senior Fellow at Policy Exchange where he worked on Security, Counter-Terrorism and Foreign Policy. Last year he published "Choosing our Friends Wisely: Criteria for Engagement with Muslim Groups", a detailed study of the 'Prevent' aspect of the UK government's counter-terrorism strategy, exposing weaknesses in its application and practice. His paper also proposed a new theoretical framework to reform the initiative, arguing for the creation of a values-led approach in 'Prevent'.

Writings by Shiraz Maher  (View Biography)

Title Date
Mob Rule Replaces Rule of Law2012/11/06
When US Troops Leave Afghanistan2012/10/25
"Honeymoon with Galloway Nearing Its End"2012/09/25
Mob Rule Replaces Rule of Law2012/09/17
Closed: Last Synagogue in Egypt2012/09/07
Islam at the Olympics2012/08/02
The Despots' Collaborator2012/06/15
Britain's Divisive Dog-Whistle Politics2012/04/30
UK: Islamist Intimidation Shuts Down Free Speech2012/02/16
Britain Bans Iran's Press TV - Finally2012/02/02
Hizb-ut-Tahrir: Sharia Law 'by Force' Enabled by the UK and the US2012/02/01
British Organization Backing Religious Intolerance2012/01/26
Countering Awlaki2011/12/15
"Inspire" Magazine: Open Source Jihad2011/11/25
UK: Policework on Islamists Backfires2011/11/14
Who are the Jihadists Afraid of?2011/10/24
"There Is No Place for the Jew in Libya"2011/10/14
Shouldn't Rights Be Tied to Responsibilities?2011/10/03
Lush Cosmetics' Foul Anti-Semitic Smell2011/08/09
Nonviolent Extremism and "Prevent"2010/10/21
UK Elections at the Site of the Olympics2010/09/30
Lawfare in the UK : Who Is Behind It This Time?2010/09/16
Military Coup Imminent in Pakistan?2010/08/26
Tony Blair: Fighting Against People Who Would Destroy Our Way of Life2010/08/25
The UK: Misunderstanding Pakistan and Afghanistan2010/08/19
Hizb ut Tahrir in America2010/07/15
UK: Islamist Entryism 1012010/06/10
Britain's Newest Guest: "Every Muslim Should Be a Terrorist"2010/06/09
The UK: Rights of Offenders vs. Rights of Their Victims2010/05/27
Pakistan: Government Joining Jihadis They Are Supposed to Fight2010/05/24
Pakistan: The Group Behind The "Times Square Bomber"2010/05/13
"The Wrong Type of Muslim": How Islamists Influence the UK Vote2010/05/06
UK: George Galloway Funds-- Surprise! -- Hamas 2010/04/29
Amnesty International Whitewashes Terrorism, Suspends Whistleblower2010/04/22
UK: The Rise of The Muslim Voting Bloc2010/04/15

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