Brexit, now Donald Trump

Reader comment on: Donald Trump Boosts Europe's Anti-Establishment Movement

Submitted by Jeff Page, Nov 13, 2016 07:47

So many of today's politicians are liberal globalist fools who hold the idea that even Muslims will become a part of a civilised society that obeys the laws of whatever land they are in. Wrong! Muslims hold but one allegiance, and that is to Islam, above all else. This is the mistake that these foolish welcoming people and politicians just don't appear to have cottoned onto yet!

It's why they are so opposed to anyone who doesn't agree with their world changing agenda. They even make up laws to prevent people from speaking out against an intolerant ideology, even though they are aware of the cultural differences and of the attitude towards women amongst many other barbaric practices.

They hated it when Britain voted for Brexit, now they hate it because Donald Trump has won in the US. Well tough! There are a great many of us across other European countries who refuse to accept the creeping menace of Islam. We shouldn't have to be on high alert of attacks by terrorists! We shouldn't have to be spending a fortune on security and have armed soldiers on our streets! What are these liberal lefty idiots thinking? Maybe they are unable to think for themselves? That would be the sensible answer to that question.

Why aren't people seeing the whole picture of what is going on? UNESCO and the UN is virtually being run by Muslims, and they at present seem to want to rewrite history! These fools demonstrating against Donald Trumps election victory need to sit down in a darkened room and think seriously about their lives for the future. If countries across Europe, Canada and the US get dominated by Islam, there won't be a great deal left worth living for let alone demonstrating against. The first thing Muslims will outlaw is the right to free speech and then the right to demonstrate! Be warned!

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