Same old reactions from the uncomprehending losers

Reader comment on: Donald Trump Boosts Europe's Anti-Establishment Movement

Submitted by E P Campbell, Nov 13, 2016 10:19

I watched with a feeling of weary familiarity the hoards of thousands, all out protesting about their disrespect and resistance to democracy in America. Exactly like Brexit, with its predictable Rent-a-Mob reactionaries.

Especially, the 'right on' news teams and political pundits of the soft-Marxist press. They tearfully felt that their version of 'progress' was being slammed into reverse.

Well, yes it is, and about time too. As we've seen yet again, half a country is sick of the horrors, insults, depravity, and lack of choice, which political correctness trails in its wake.

Routinely, throughout Britain we now have child grooming and prostitution rings hitting the news. Being run mainly by immigrants. Forcing exclusively-white girls into barbarous prostitution, while the police, social services, press, and political establishment not just turned the other way but actively took measures to cover it up - and most hideously, persecuted and discredited the victims.

Similarly, there has been a rising tidal wave of sexual assaults throughout Europe wherever there are agglomerations of so-called refugees – described by a portmanteau word - 'rapefugees'.

Unfortunately, the whole of Western Europe's general population has had to learn the hard way about these primordial savages, and many are sick of both them and their primitive, tyrannical religion.

The time for revolt has finally arrived, after 50 patient years of being force-fed a rotten EU stew.

Like a thunderclap, yet another shock has cowered the complacent, corrupt and self-serving establishment, whose wages we pay but who defiantly don't represent us. We've had enough of their liberal, amoral, minority-driven dogma which has only tenuous connection with the real world of ignorantly-compliant people who have seen their childhood communities swept away, to be replaced en bloc by third world, inward-referring, mono-cultures of barricaded anti-integration, sexual repression, and impenetrable obscurantism.

Collective anger has finally found the courage to burst the bubble of the Cloud Cuckoo Land, morally-bankrupt idealists.

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